Telerik UI for Silverlight R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917) Retail - FIXED, Telerik, Silverlight, thrown, controls, which, document, variety

Telerik UI for Silverlight R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917) Retail

Telerik UI for Silverlight R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917) Retail
Telerik UI for Silverlight R3 2019 (version 2019.3.917) Retail

Telerik UI for Silverlight includes a wide range of controls from small UI components such as Rating to powerful data-driven controls like GridView. The suite provides a variety of data visualization tools which allow you to display and edit your data in many different ways. Manipulate your row data in a GridView or Spreadsheet and then visualize it through PivotGrid, or any of the other charting and diagramming tools. Choose from a number of components for daily or business planning such as ScheduleView where users can easily plan their day and GanttView which allows users to visualize and manage any project planning data. Telerik UI for Silverlight comes complete with customizable UI controls for a variety of needs and options, which makes it the ideal choice for any Line of Business Application.

Professional-Looking Themes
Give your applications the slick professional look by applying our built-in themes. Telerik UI for Silverlight ships with more than ten professionally designed themes. Windows8 and Windows8Touch, let you apply styling in real-time. While the new Office 2013 theme mimics the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2013.

Themes include:
Visual Studio 2013

Exceptional Performance and User Experience
Telerik UI for Silverlight enhance user experience by providing both UI and data virtualization. Use Telerik UI Controls to display large amounts of data, with virtually no performance trade-off. What you get is exceptional performance and a sleek end-user experience. Telerik UI Controls make your apps fast by:

Producing minimal and clean XAML
Allowing you to load only the data within the current viewport of the application
Implementing lazy loading loading data only when it is requested
Minimizing memory usage, robust code free from memory leaks

Document Processing

Two new components enable you to process the most common spreadsheet and PDF file formats without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed. Your application users will be able to create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats including:


Enable your application to seamlessly export and import documents or convert them from one format to another. All thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use APIs.

MVVM Support
Software development is made easier with the ability to drag-and-drop a complex control from our toolbox, wire up a few events, receive quick functionality, and then move on to the next work item. Those functionalities, however, do not guarantee that the software created is well structured, easily extensible, and unit testable. MVVM resolves those issues. Telerik UI for Silverlight fully supports MVVM, allowing you to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

Touch Support
The built-in touch support and the Windows8Touch theme make your Telerik UI for Silverlight powered applications run smoothly on a touch device.

Export Support
Export the data that different controls display with a functionality that enables your users to view and manipulate their data even after an application is closed. Telerik UI for Silverlight provides you out-of-the-box export functionalities and options. Most of the data-driven controls allow you to export data to a variety of formats.

UI for Silverlight R3 2019


ArgumentException is thrown when FlipDuration is 0 and page is dragged for flipping.


The intellisense for the TextBoxStyle property does not display styles targeted to TextBox controls.
TabIndex property is not respected when the control is in editable mode.
Setting smaller than the default height of the control results to selected content being clipped in Office2013 theme.


Introduced EditorMode property to the DataFormDateField that determines the type of the created date control.


Introduced a constant for the selection rectangle inflation value.


The RadComboBox items list and currently selected item are not visible in the SettingsPane's Text tab in Windows8 theme, applied using StyleManager.
Connection does not attach to gliding connector the first time it is dragged and dropped over the target shape.


The DiagramConstants.ContainerMargin constant does not apply properly in the ContainerShapes.


CellEditEnded event is raised before the old data is restored when CancelCellEdit is invoked.
The edited row is visible after the user scrolls it out of view when all other rows are with Transparent background and GroupRenderMode is Flat.
Application Culture is wrong after exporting the grid with ExportToXlsx method.
The buttons for applying and clearing filters in the FilteringControl have fixed width which leads to their content being cut off in some cultures in the Windows8Touch theme. This fixed width is now removed. Consider defining a Style targeting the FilteringControl which changes its Width and/or MinWidth when applying different (more specifically bigger) font sizes.

Image Editor

The obsoleted MaxmimumMemoryBufferSize property was deleted. Use MaximumMemoryBufferSize property instead.


Clicking on an item that is partially visible horizontally triggers the logic to bring it into view vertically when using a VirtualizingWrapPanel.


Improper text and currency symbol usage when culture is set to Russian ("ru-RU").

PDF Viewer

Scaling drop down's popup placement is incorrect.
NotSupportedFeatureException exception is now thrown for CCITTFaxDecode missing filters.


BookmarkItemStyle enum is renamed to BookmarkItemStyles.


Added support for Named Destinations.
Implemented import and export of ToUnicode CMap.
Implemented support for document outline (bookmarks).


ArgumentException is thrown when exporting text with negative font size using TextFormatProvider.
Embedding CIDFont with missing CIDToGIDMap property causes PDF/A warning in Adobe Preflight.
First level bullets are not visible.
Handled NotImplementedException when importing color with Lab colorspace.
InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with Named Destinations.
NullReferenceException is thrown in .NET Standard when importing a document with non-standard TrueType font.
TextBoxFields content text is wrong after importing and exporting fields with custom encoding in VariableContentWidget's font.


VerificationException is thrown when average aggregate function is applied.


Tab does not get not selected when attempting to click in the exact center point of its corresponding header.


ArgumentNullException is thrown when typing using Microsoft Pinyin IME.
Copy-paste TIFF or GIF image does not properly preserve the image.
DateFields are not updated when importing document.
EnableAsynchronousTextInsertion is not respected in a custom caret and any text input is now processed asynchronously.
FormattingColorPicker in text selection MiniToolBar occasionally throws binding errors on load.
InvalidOperationException is thrown when loading a document that contains styles with duplicate names that are based on one another when RTF document is imported.
NullReferenceException is thrown when showing ImageMiniToolBar with an image without data.
StreamFromUriResolving event is not fired for INCLUDEPICTURE fields in headers and footers.


AppointmentExtensions.GetOccurences(source, dateSpan) method returns additional occurrences whenever there are exception occurrences.


NullReferenceException is thrown when importing documents containing an element with attribute with a nondefault namespace prefix.
Text that is overflowing the used cell range is wrongly clipped when printing or exporting to PDF.
Row heights with missing CustomHeight attributes in the document are ignored.


Text that is overflowing the used cell range is wrongly clipped when printing or exporting to PDF.
Wrapped text with specific column width is often rendered over the next cell.
Row heights with missing CustomHeight attributes in the document are ignored.


The obsoleted ProtectionButton is now deleted. Use RibbonButton control instead.


All groups disapper when GroupExpandMode is Multiple, runtime groups are added in DispatcherTimer and expand is performed extensively.


The tree list view holds a reference to an item removed from its source.


Added AdditionalContent and AdditionalContentTemplate properties.
Added Clear command which can be used for clearing the text of the WatermarkTextBox.


Win32Exception is thrown when the AutomationManager AutomationMode is set to Disabled.

Intuitive API
Telerik UI for Silverlight has a short learning curve and is easy to use. The suite provides for:

Seamless integration with your Visual Studio Toolbox for quick drag and drop usage
Feature configuration using Design-time Wizards
Easy to learn API
The Telerik UI Controls API is a close mirror of Microsoft. If youve worked with the Silverlight Framework and Microsofts XAML Controls, youll get up and running fast in Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight

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