Dbi-Tech Calendar WPF v2.0.0.5 - Three WPF Schedule Controls in one!

Dbi-Tech Calendar WPF v2.0.0.5

Dbi-Tech Calendar WPF v2.0.0.5
Dbi-Tech Calendar WPF v2.0.0.5

Straight forward and to the point - direct edit appointment scheduling with multiple calendar and reporting views.

Month View
Multi Column Day / Resource View
Week View

DBI Calendar WPF is the number one choice of developers for managing:

Across the enterprise and around the world - provide your end users with direct inline editing, built-in context menus, multi object grouping, sorting and full data integration.

Time zone management made simple.
DBI Calendar WPF combines three control views;
Multi Column Day / Resource View
Month Calendar View
Week Calendar View
... into one compact, feature rich, royalty free WPF component software product - for expertly adding schedule functionality in any WPF application.

Data Integration - DBI Calendar WPF is designed for data flexibility. Connect to any data source - XML to SQL, Oracle, DB2 ...

DBI Calendar WPF Expertly Manages:
> one-to-many and many-to-many relationships
It's not uncommon for one appointment, a conference call for instance, to appear in many locations, have many contacts and many tasks associated with that activity.

Variable Time Scale - Life doesn't happen in nice even 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. Life happens around the clock in any combination and permutation of time.

Onsite service personnel are scheduled when they're needed, Golf Course Tee Times are scheduled on 7 minute intervals and components of a dentist appointment may range from 3 minutes to 75 minutes.

New for v2.0.0.5
Fix for an issue with the AppButtonclick event not firing correctly in some calendar display configurations.

Only for v.I.P
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