PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate v6.4.1 Cracked

PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate v6.4.1

PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate v6.4.1
PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate v6.4.1

Bring accurate, reliable and fast PDF functionality to any application or workflow. Matured for 20 years in the world's most demanding environments, PDFTron’s fully supported PDF SDK is built from the ground up and is not dependent on external third-party open-source software. Have confidence that all documents will output quickly and flawlessly, even at 1GB+ or 10,000+ pages. Display PDFs quickly by streaming individual pages or tiles without a full file download.

Client-side or Server-based
Let users view, annotate, fill forms, and edit PDFs -- all entirely client-side, in a native app or any modern browser, including offline. Embed into any self-hosted Linux- or Windows-based workflow.

Fully Customizable UI/UX
Increase adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. Match your desired look and feel. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows.

Standard & Custom Annotation Types
Built-in support for 26 standard PDF annotation types. For example, users can take notes, make comments, highlight, add shapes, apply freehand ink drawings. Or create your own custom annotations.

ISO Compliant Annotation Interchange
Preserve the original document by keeping dynamic annotations & discussions in an external XFDF file — a standards-compliant format for annotation interchange.

Real-time Collaboration Support
Let users annotate & exchange messages in real-time across devices and platforms. Create security rules to limit who can view, edit, or comment on annotations.

Annotation Workflows
Support countless use cases by dynamically generating the XFDF file from a database. Track changes in an audit trail. Merge or separate annotations. Add approval logic. Support offline annotation. And more.

Accurate Annotation Rendering
Ensure a trustworthy representation of annotations across all devices and browsers with built-in support for 'Appearance Streams'.

Drop-In UIs with Source Code Control
Embed slick & ready-to-use annotation tools & widgets. Or, create unique annotation experiences with the power & flexibility of complete source code customization. No limits!

Accurate & Reliable Rendering
PDF & Office specifications are very complex. Avoid costly surprises with the most compliant rendering engine built from the ground up and perfected at PDFTron over the last 20 years

Fastest Viewer
Enjoy optimized silky-smooth viewing across web, mobile, and desktop
. Let users view remote pages instantly, without slowly downloading the entire file.

Designed for Complex Files
Handle any file that your users may bring along — no matter how large or complex. Discover why CAD/CAM/AEC has standardized on PDFTron SDK.

Complete Source Code Customization
Use slick, drop-in widgets & annotation tools that come with full source code. Match your look & feel or build a unique product. No limits!

The Most Scalable Viewer
Cut bandwidth costs with on-demand page streaming. Reduce or eliminate DevOps costs with scalable serverless viewing technology.

Office Document Viewer
Add support for viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to any browser or app -- no conversion or server dependencies required.

High-fidelity Direct Conversion
Preserve quality, vector graphics, text, hyperlinks, colors, fonts, and metadata by directly converting from the original file (no intermediate steps). Give your users a trustworthy representation of the converted document on any device, platform, or browser.

Microsoft Office To PDF
Directly convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher documents to PDF on any platform and without external dependencies. Support for Microsoft Office interop for complete accuracy & compatibility.
Learn more

Convert From Any Printable Document
Universal file conversion powered with the next-generation XPS printer driver on Windows allows conversion from any printable document to PDF, PDF/A, SVG, and other formats.

Directly convert HTML to PDF from a file, string, or URL while controlling page size and formatting. Directly convert PDF files into static web pages that display the same in all browsers.

PDF to Image
Directly convert PDF pages or elements into PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and RAW files. Support complex documents with overprint, transparency, blending, spot colors, and custom color profiles.

Directly convert PDF files to web-ready SVG files while preserving the original layout, hyperlinks, colors, images, and fonts. SVGs render the same across browsers, devices, and platforms.

Directly convert or validate any PDF into an ISO compliant PDF/A 1, 2, or 3. Information loss is minimized by applying necessary changes only, while outputting a report for each change.

Directly convert XPS files into easy-to-view, easy-to-edit PDF documents. Directly convert PDFs as visually-identical XPS documents. Preserve complex PDF content accurately. Create small documents that print quickly and reliably.

PDF to Text
Directly extract text and tables from any PDF document as Unicode or structured XML.

Fill Forms Automatically
Easy-to-use APIs allows for the identification & filling of AcroForms embedded within documents. Import data into form fields via XFDF or FDF.
See Documentation

Create & Modify Form Fields
With full control of the document, you can create new fields and modify existing ones. Access to the low-level PDF object model allows for setting and reading field values and properties.
See Documentation

Interactive Form Filling
Support for all form field properties, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and signatures. Give your users the ability to submit forms within your application.

jаvascript Support
Ensure data quality by validating user input through jаvascript. Add formulas and math functions to automatically recalculate field values.

Form Flattening
Form fields are removed by converting text and images in the PDF to regular objects.
See Documentation

Digital Signatures
Support for both e-signatures and digital signatures. Give users the ability to sign interactively, or automate workflows through programmatic document signing.

Create From Scratch
Generate new PDFs without using any external dependencies or drivers.

Stamp or Append Existing PDFs
Insert images, text, form fields, links, bookmarks, barcodes, and much more to an existing PDF.

Convert to PDF
High-fidelity direct document conversion from 30+ file formats into PDF. Turn web pages and scanned images into PDF documents you can annotate.
See Documentation

Create from a Template
Merge information into PDF templates, or assemble from components, for consistent and standardized documents.
See Documentation

Convert scanned invoices or worksheets into fillable documents.

Leverage What You Already Have
Avoid recreating legacy files by instead embedding them directly within your application with a universal document viewer. Convert scanned documents and 30+ file formats into fillable forms or interactive web pages.

Images & Graphics
Create new images or embed existing ones. Support for all color spaces and pre-press options. Full control over positioning. Support for patterns (colored and uncolored tiling patterns), shadings (7 types), and image masks.

Reduce storage requirements by using any compression filter allowed in PDF to create smaller and more efficient documents. Reuse resources such as images, fonts, and color spaces through object sharing to further streamline. Intelligent element serialization results in small and efficient content streams.
See Documentation

Support for Type1, OpenType, TrueType, Type3, and CID Font embedding for accurate text reproduction. Support for Unicode text and standard PDF encodings. Dynamic font subsetting resulting in smaller files. Full control over text positioning and character spacing.

Full Control
Access all document information through its low-level PDF object model (COS/SDF API). Control images, graphical properties, fonts, text, metadata, annotations, form field data, and much more when generating files.

Accurate & Consistent
Give your users a trustworthy and compliant representation of generated documents. Built from the ground up, our core document engine has been perfected by 20 years of knowledge, innovation, and real-world testing.

Rigorous adherence to ISO standards for PDF 1.x & 2.x and PDF/A (1, 2, 3) ensures generated files are fully compliant.

Text Extraction
Convert PDFs into readable Unicode text, regardless of language or font. Extract characters, words, fonts, and form fields. Populate a full-text search engine to search across a set of documents.
See Documentation

Metadata Extraction
Analyze PDFs at a low level. Grab the PDF version, author information, timestamps, and anything else hidden away in the file.

Annotation Extraction
Serialize annotations into the industry-standard XFDF format (compatible with most PDF viewers). Enable users to edit annotations without modifying the underlying document. Share annotations with other users to enable real-time collaboration. Create a summary of all annotations.

Table Data Extraction
Detect tables, and programmatically extract the information as XML or HTML.
Launch Table Extraction Demo

Image Extraction
Extract individual images or graphics embedded within a PDF, or convert pages into images.

3D Data Extraction
Unwrap U3D, PRC, or STEP files embedded within PDF documents for display in a 3D viewer.

Font Extraction
Retrieve Type1, OpenType, TrueType, Type3, and CID fonts embedded in the PDF. Find font names, font sizes, and the path data for individual glyphs.

Form Field Extraction
Serialize forms in the industry-standard XFDF format to extract, edit, or insert form field data.
See Documentation

Search Multiple Documents
Programmatically search across multiple documents at predefined locations. Extract information and metadata from a set of documents.

Add high-resolution signatures to documents. Save signature images for easy signing.
See Documentation

Show document signatures at high resolution. Highlight required fields to guide users through the document.

Tailor signatures to what your users need. Add signatures as simple images, or create digital signatures that can be validated.

Automate Signature Workflows
Programmatically sign multiple documents simultaneously by applying saved signatures. Stamp signature images to forms along with a timestamp, text, and any other information.

Interactive Signing
Let users digitally sign documents within your application. Embed interactive hand annotations, or support the upload of high resolution images that can be extracted or validated.

Stay Compliant
Be confident that documents haven’t been modified after signing by extracting timestamps and embedded certificates. Add additional signatures without invalidating any of the existing ones.

Retrieve relevant information from the embedded signature, like timestamps, certificates, or the signature’s appearance.

Accurate Display and Printing
Give your users a consistent representation of signed documents across devices and when printed. Built from the ground up, our core document engine has been perfected by 20 years of knowledge, innovation, and real-world testing.

Text Searching
Find the location of text on a page or in the entire document. Search by literal string, wildcards, or other regular expression metacharacters. Show surrounding text to orient users where to look.
See Documentation

Annotation Searching
Store annotations as searchable XFDF files, which can include metadata like date, name, approval status, and more. Instantly jump to annotations in documents with thousands of annotations.

Highlight Relevant Matches
Add inline styling and highlighting to help your users find matches within the page. Give users the ability to jump directly to relevant search results within multi-page documents. Customize the UI to optimize your search experience.

Search Multiple Documents
Programmatically search across multiple documents at predefined locations. Extract information and metadata from a set of documents for advanced searching.

Deeper Redaction Control
Destroy image, text and vector graphics within regions marked for redaction -- not just covering or obscuring with clipping or image masks. And scrub documents of hidden text, comments, attachments, and forms XFA and XMP metadata.

Safely redact and save redacted documents when offline via any web, desktop or mobile application -- with no servers or other external dependencies required. No information leaves the client.

Automate Redaction
Embed redaction into any automated workflow or app, and add other SDK functionality, like text search, pattern matching, encryption, PDF/A conversion, and more.

Customizable UX/UI
Customize & style pre-built annotation widgets into your UI for free-form redaction. Build custom controls and logic, integrate into workflows, or build a UI from scratch. Personalize redaction mark appearance and overlay text.

Toggle, Share and Print Redactions
Toggle annotation layers to see what will be removed, and share redactions with others for feedback. Create user permissions controlling what information will display on screen and what will print.

Code Samples
See how to redact PDFs.
C# (.NET Core)
C# (Xamarin)
Java (Android)

PDFNet SDK - What's New?

New Features and Improvements to Server/Desktop SDKs
(NOTE: Mobile SDKs are not included in this release):
Added pdfron.PDF.Convert.Printer.GetMode to control whether Office Interop or the printer subsystem is used for Office conversion.
Added support for AnyCPU in .NET builds (link).
Published PDFNet on NuGet (link).
Open-sourced PDFNetLoader library (link).
Exported XFDF now includes appearance streams as images.
Added support for old-style JPEG compression for TIFF images.
Important bug fixes and incremental improvements.
New Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:

Chaged Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:


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