Aspose.HTML for .NET v19.10 - .NET APIs to Manipulate HTML Files

Aspose.HTML for .NET v19.10

Aspose.HTML for .NET v19.10
Aspose.HTML for .NET v19.10

Aspose.HTML is a cross-platform class library that enables you to perform a wide range of HTML manipulation tasks directly within your .NET applications. Aspose.HTML supports parsing of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and HTML Canvas to construct a Document Object Model (DOM) based on the official W3C specification. Create, Read and Edit HTML documents including CSS styles as well as Render to PDF & Raster Image formats.

Rich Set of Features
Aspose.HTML for .NET is both parser and page renderer. As parser, it provides access to the Document Object Model using all W3C-standard traversal methods:
Element Traversal;
Document Traversal;
XPath queries;
CSS Selector queries.
Using any of these methods allows programmatically access to all document elements, formatting, and styling; allows to create, modify, extract, copy, delete and replace document content.

Platform Independence
You can use Aspose.HTML for .NET to build any type of a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, WCF, WinForms, .NET Core etc.

Performance and Scalability
Aspose.HTML is designed to perform great both on a server or client. Aspose.HTML is a single .NET assembly that can be deployed with any .NET application by simply copying it. You do not have to worry about any other services or modules.

Aspose.HTML is multi-thread safe as long as only one thread works on a document at a time. It is a typical scenario to have one thread working on one document. Different threads can safely work on different documents at the same time.

Aspose.HTML for .NET is an advanced HTML manipulation API to create and manipulate HTML documents within .NET applications. Developers can insert, remove, replace HTML nodes, extract CSS styles, navigate through HTML document either by NodeIterator, TreeWalker that is provided by traversal specifications, XPath or CSS selector queries. Furthermore, It allows HTML DOM manipulation via jаvascript through its own scripting.

Aspose.HTML for .NET provides the capabilities to load HTML file and render the output in PDF, XPS and raster image formats. Moreover, API supports to encrypt the document and can specify the page setup information for resultant output while converting the output as PDF file as well as can also specify the compression value for JPEG images inside the output document.

Advanced .NET HTML Manipulation API Features

Create HTML pages from Scratch Load existing HTML from file, stream or URL Implement W3C HTML specifications Implement html templates using template merger Fill template with various data sources Render HTML Canvas 2D to PDF Add, replace or remove HTML nodes Extract CSS styling information Load EPUB and MHTML file formats Render HTML to raster image formats Render multiple documents at once Implement Markdown to HTML converter

HTML to Fixed-Layout Format Conversion
Aspose.HTML for .NET provides the ability to render HTML in PDF and XPS file formats. The conversion process is highly customizable, allowing you to configure PageSetup aspects for the resultant fixed-layout formats, that is; you can specify the page numbers to be rendered, tweak the resultant page size or set the JPEG compression for the embedded images.

Render HTML to Raster Image Formats
Aspose.HTML for .NET offers the high fidelity rendering engine at its core which can convert HTML pages to raster image formats including TIFF, BMP, PNG & JPEG without requiring any additional software or tool.

Navigate HTML Nodes
Aspose.HTML for .NET enables you to navigate through the HTML document either by elements, XPath or CSS selector queries, and extract, insert, remove, replace HTML nodes on the go.

Configure Sandbox
The HTML API enables you to configure a document sandbox that affects the processing of HTML documents, that is; the CSS styles in some cases are dependent on screen size. Aspose.HTML for .NET allows to configure the environment independent of the execution machine.

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