Telerik UI for WPF R3 2019 SP1 (version 2019.3.1023) Retail

Telerik UI for WPF R3 2019 SP1 (version 2019.3.1023) Retail

Telerik UI for WPF R3 2019 SP1  (version 2019.3.1023) Retail
Telerik UI for WPF R3 2019 SP1 (version 2019.3.1023) Retail

Telerik UI for WPF includes a wide range of controls from small UI components like Rating to powerful data-driven controls like GridView. The suite provides a variety of data visualization tools to allow you to display and edit your data. Manipulate your row data in a GridView or Spreadsheet and then visualize it through PivotGrid, our charting or diagramming tools. Discover multiple components for daily or business planning such as ScheduleView where users can easily plan their day and GanttView which allows users to visualize and manage any project planning data. Telerik UI for WPF comes complete with customizable UI controls for a variety of needs and options, which makes it the ideal choice for any Windows desktop application.

Professional-Looking Themes

Give your applications the professional look by applying our built-in themes. Telerik UI for WPF ships with more than ten professionally designed themes. Windows8 and Windows8Touch let you apply styling in real-time. While the new Visual Studio 2013 theme mimics the look and feel of VS 2013.Themes include:

Visual Studio 2013

Exceptional Performance and User Experience

Telerik UI for WPF enhances user experience by providing both UI and data virtualization. Use Teleriks controls to display large amounts of data with virtually no performance trade-off. What you get is exceptional performance and a sleek end-user experience. Telerik UI makes your apps fast by:

Producing minimal and clean XAML
Allowing you to load only the data within the current viewport of the application
Implementing lazy loading loading data only when it is requested
Minimizing memory usage, robust code free from memory leaks.

Intuitive API
Telerik UI for WPF has a short learning curve and is easy to use. The suite provides for:

Seamless integration with your Visual Studio Toolbox for quick drag-and-drop usage.
Feature configuration using Design-time Wizards.
Easy to learn API. The API is a close mirror of Microsoft. If youve worked with the WPF Framework and Microsofts XAML Controls, youll get up and running fast in Telerik UI for WPF.

Document Processing

Three components enable you to process the most common text, spreadsheet, and PDF file formats without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed. Your application users will be able to create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats including:


Enable your application to seamlessly export and import documents or convert them from one format to another. All thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use APIs.

MVVM Support

The ability to drag-and-drop a complex control from our toolbox, wire up a few events, receive quick functionality, then move on to the next work item makes your software development easier. Those functionalities, however, do not guarantee that the software created is well structured, easily extensible, and unit testable. MVVM resolves those issues. Telerik UI for WPF fully supports MVVM, allowing you to create reliable, well-structured and easily maintainable applications.

UI for WPF R3 2019 SP1

All Controls

DpiHelper throws NullReferenceException when GetIsScalingEnabled method is called from test.
IsTabStop and Focusable properties of the AutoCompleteBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker. MaskedInput, NumericUpDown and TimeSpanPicker controls are not respected.


Introduced PreviousButtonVisibility and NextButtonVisibility properties to control the visibility of the next and previous buttons.


NullReferenceException in design-time when using custom Palette without Name set.
StackedAreas are drawn incorrectly for mixed values. Added ChartViewExtensions.StackNegativeValuesSeparately attached property with a default value of true. When set to True, negative and positive values will be stacked in a single stack which is the default behavior for stacking areas and line series in MS Excel.


The MouseOver visual is lost on scroll for the Green, Office2016, Office2016Touch, Fluent, Material, Crystal and VisualStudio2019 themes.
NVDA reader does not read items when changing the selected item while the combo is collapsed.


The CustomElementLoading event can't be canceled without creating a new instance of the custom element.
LayoutChangeEnded event is raised before layout has been updated when animations are disabled.
There is no top border of a PaneGroup's header part in the VisualStudio2019 theme.
Setting transparent background of RadPane, RadPaneGroup and AutoHideArea does not work properly in the Crystal, Fluent and Material themes, because of their corresponding Shadow elements. Check the following article for a further reference -
After save and load, the SelectedIndex property of the RadPaneGroup is wrong if during save there are unpinned or hidden panes.


Introduced FilteringDropDownStaysOpen property to control whether the filtering dropdowns stays open.
Implemented support for searching in GridView`s column which is bound to Enum.
ElementExporting and ElementExportingToDocument arguments now have the default style if ExportDefaultStyles property of the export options is set to True.


.Net Core designer crashes when the control gets selected.
RowValidating event is raised when switching between cells in GridViewNewRow by using touch.
Focus jumps in an endless loop between RadMaskedNumericInput as a cell editor and a separate RadMaskedNumericInput when validation fails in the GridView editor.
GridView loses focus when clicking inside DropDownContent of DropDownControl in GridViewNewRow.
HeaderCell borders are hardly visible when the DPI of the Windows is increased.
Numeric cells are exported in string format when using GridViewSpreadStreamExport.
SpreadsheetStreamingExport method RunExport() with grouping causes an exception.
The ToolTip is not shown when setting it on GridViewRow through a style trigger and editing a cell.


There is a visual difference between the GridViewCheckbox and the MS CheckBox elements which causes a "jumping" issue - the offsets of the two elements are different.


The cells values don't change at runtime when the colorizer is absolute.
ToolTipSettings, ColumnHeaderSettings and RowHeaderSettings are not respected when setting in XAML and the RadHeatMap is inside a DataTemplate.

Image Editor

When switching between Shape and Selection tools and changing themes at run time, an IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown.


DataBindings are not evaluated when changing between tabs and the UpdateSourceTrigger is LostFocus.


AsyncKmlReader doesn't read all shapes when the KML file is not properly formatted.


TwoWay bound Value of MaskedTextInput is wrong on load if control is inside DataTemplate and non-default value of ValueMode property is used.


Mouse interactions are only respected for the text part of the MenuItems in the VisualStudio2019 theme because of an "{x:Null}" Background and BorderBrush setter values in their default style.

MS Controls

Unified the names of the root Border/Rectangle elements of the control for all themes - this element is now named "PART_RootElement" and is used in code-behind.

PDF Viewer

InvalidOperationException is thrown on Copy when PdfViewer is created on a different UI thread.


Implemented support for importing widget annotation with Kids property.


InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with an empty PDF name object.
InvalidCastException is thrown when importing widget annotation with Kids property.


Cannot change the HeaderVisibility property of a RadRibbonTab at run-time.
InvalidOperationException is thrown when the control is loaded too early (before it is added to the visual tree).
RadRibbonComboBox keyboard navigation doesn't work when opening the drop down with the ribbon's built-in keyboard navigation. Users can now set KeyTipService.IsKeyboardNavigatioEnabled to false on elements which have their own keyboard navigation.
The UI is unresponsive when using Tab+Space to select a split button in the application menu.


Binding error in SelectionMiniToolbar occurs when it is hovered after selection.
Forcing layout change in a task on the current synchronization context may result in a deadlock freeze.
Style is imported incorrectly as when there is Heading[1-6] inside the style name. This leads to ArgumentException in some cases.
Having multiple instances in a separate thread leads to System.InvalidOperationException: 'Cannot use a DependencyObject that belongs to a different thread than its parent Freezable.'
When you copy and paste a document from one RichTextBox to another, styles are not applied to the document.


Dialogs does not inherit FlowDirection from the ScheduleView.
RecurrencePattern.GetOccurrences() method does not respect Interval property when the Frequency is set to Year.
Changing the FontSize of a GroupHeaderButton is not respected for the Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes. Increasing it for the other themes from OfficeBlack to Office2013 leads to the GroupHeader not being properly resized and the button's text being therefore cut off.
When the EditRecurrence and EditAppointment dialogs are closed, an incorrect window is brought to front (not the one ScheduleView is placed inside).


The formula in list data validation rule's argument is replaced with culture-dependent list separator and later treated as text.


Added separate CSharpFoldingTagger, VisualBasicFoldingTagger, and BracketFoldingTagger classes which can be used separately for making folding regions in C#, VB and JS files respectively. FoldingTaggerBase can be used for folding in custom languages.


Added FoldingTaggerBase class for creating folding regions in custom languages. Class FoldingTagger previously used for CSharp folding is now deleted. CSharpFoldingTagger class can be used instead.


The MouseOver state of a RadTabItem's header is missing when using the control in Fluent theme and SelectedItem is bound to a collection.
Theme resources for the TabItems are not properly updated when changing theme variations of the predefined theme palettes.


A XamlParseException is thrown when current culture is Arabic.


Introduced ShowCellToolTip property and CellToolTipNeeded event which can be used for setting a ToolTip for VirtualGrid's cells.


ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when changing the SelectionMode to Single and VirtualGridSelectionUnit is Cell.
Background and Foreground properties of HeaderCellDecorationsNeeded event arguments are not respected.
In a Single SelectionMode scenario, when the SelectedIndex is pinned, the selection is visually transferred to another row.
Setting the SizeUnit to Star leads to shrinking the columns when the window is resized.


Setting the WebCam property of a CameraSettingsControl in XAML results in a NullReferenceException.
Setting FlipVertically or FlipHorizontally in XAML results in a NullReferenceException.


Control gets clipped when maximized on secondary monitor, then minimized and restored again (Windows taskbar must be on the left/right of main screen).


NotImplementedException is thrown when importing DOCX containing charts.

Coded UI Tests
All components in Telerik UI for WPF support Level 1 Coded UI tests and most of the controls already support Level 3 Coded UI tests, making Telerik UI Controls easily maintainable within any test-driven development process.

Touch Support
The built-in touch support and the Windows8Touch theme make your Telerik UI for WPF powered applications run smoothly on a touch device.

Drag and Drop Support
Many Telerik UI for WPF controls come with built-in drag and drop support. The suite also provides a DragDropManager which easily integrates within your solution to implement any drag and drop scenario.

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