WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET 11.304 with Serial

WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET 11.304

WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET 11.304
WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET 11.304

ABCpdf .NET - PDF component for the creation and manipulation of Adobe PDF documents.

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High-Performance Simplicity
ABCpdf is simple yet powerful. It's designed so you can get up to speed quickly, yet not limit you, should you need precise, low level control over how your PDFs are generated. More...

It allows you to create pure dynamic PDF documents or to read and modify existing PDF documents. These can either be saved to file or streamed direct to a client browser. All up into the GB range and beyond. Live demo...

Display or print any PDF document. Stream rasterized images to your client browser; rasterize and save in a variety of formats and color spaces for print output; display PDFs directly on the screen using ABCpdf .NET under Windows Forms.

ABCpdf is fast and lightweight. It's been designed specifically for high performance, multithreaded environments like IIS. However if you want to use it in a less demanding environment like a regular application that's fine too.

The ABCpdf documentation for .NET and ASP documentation sets are just packed with examples so that you can always tell exactly how to use a method or accomplish a task. If that's not enough for you - we're always on hand and glad to help. If you can't see a good way to do something - just ask...

Supports a Wide range of Media Formats Including HTML
ABCpdf fully supports HTML / CSS. Import HTML from local or remote web sites. Multiple HTML rendering engines provide a range of options and advantages. More about HTML to PDF...

ABCpdf supports a vast range of image formats including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EXIF, WMF, EMF, JPEG 2000, Photoshop PSD & PSB, PS, EPS, XPS, WPF, SVG and SWF (Flash). It supports multiple frames so you can convert multi-page CCITT or Group 4 Fax TIFFs to PDF documents. It supports unusual file types like TIFFs with JPEG, OJPEG and HDR content. Additionally you can reference image data from multiple locations in your document - great for inserting watermarks and other frequently used graphics.

Convert PDF Documents to a Multiple Document Formats
Full support for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XML Paper Specification (XPS) and for Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). Convert your PDF documents to XPS or EPS. Convert your XPS or EPS documents to PDF. Our conversion routines are carefully written to preserve the natural structure of your source documents wherever possible - this means the preservation of color spaces and the preservation or conversion of embedded fonts.

Not only does ABCpdf support PDF, HTML and Rich Text Format (RTF) natively but it also supports a wide range of other document formats. Formats like Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Excel (.xls), PowerPoint (.ppt), WordPerfect (.wpd), Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1) and AutoCAD (.dxf).

Render your PDFs through to a vast range of file types in a variety of color spaces and depths. Control over sophisticated options like halftones and color separations. 3D support for PDF 3D elements.
HTML styled text allows easy creation and layout of multi-styled text; supporting text box chaining to allow you to easily and automatically flow text through from one area to another.

Output, validation and conversion to PDF/A standards. Conversion is made to work the way it should - it operates on practically all documents - even documents provided by third parties. A partner in this is transparency flattening which is a technology which allows you to remove transparency from your documents while leaving the vector nature of the format intact.

Full Featured Graphics Capabilities
ABCpdf supports OpenType, TrueType and Type 1 fonts. You can either reference the font, keeping PDF documents lightweight for distribution on the web. Or for guaranteed fidelity of reproduction you can embed fonts into your PDFs.

You can apply transformations like rotation, magnification, skew and translation. This means you can draw rotated text, images and graphics all with only a few simple commands. Apply effects like blur for drop shadows or auto-levels for image optimization.

There are lots of text settings to allow you precise control over the way that your text is displayed and laid out. Paragraph indent, kerning and tracking, word spacing, line spacing, paragraph spacing and horizontal justification are just some of the settings you can control.

Unicode and Complex Language Support
ABCpdf supports Unicode and foreign languages. Reference fonts from the relevant foreign language pack or embed Unicode fonts for guaranteed fidelity of reproduction on any platform. Draw text horizontally or vertically and quickly subset large CJK fonts with minimal use of memory and impact on server load. Bidirectional layout and contextual ligatures are supported as required for Hebrew and Arabic.

It offers complex high level operations like recoloring, size reduction, automatic tagging for accessibility, text and document analysis for search, identification and replacement of specific elements. It offers optimized low level access to the page content stream for highly flexible operations involving drawing commands.

It allows a broad range of PDF manipulation from simple read and save operations to more complex operations like drawing scaled or rotated content from one PDF into another.

ABCpdf supports layer and page insertion. Add graphics into any layer on your page. Insert pages anywhere in your document.

And Much More...
Create encrypted PDFs for secure storage of PDF documents. Apply user permissions and secure these permissions with encryption keys from 40 to 256 bits in size.

ABCpdf supports Fields and Forms. Use placeholder fields in your template documents to position and lay out dynamically created elements.

ABCpdf supports RGB, CMYK and Grayscale colors. This means you can produce high-quality print-friendly PDFs directly from your application.

ABCpdf allows even more advanced control over any PDF object in your document. If you can't see how to accomplish a task using our simple to use methods then you can always access the raw PDF structure directly.

In short it does everything you would ever want. If you can find something you think we've not covered please do mail and tell us!

ABCpdf is designed to be simple to use. It does things the way you'd expect.

Take an example. Open an existing PDF document and add a page number to the first page.

First we create a PDF document object. We read in the existing PDF, add a page number to the top left and save the modified document.

ABCpdf is designed to be powerful. If you know about PDF you can use ABCpdf to access and manipulate virtually any aspect of your PDF documents.

This example is complicated. It pre-supposes a knowledge of the internal structure of PDF documents. If you're new to PDF don't worry if it doesn't all make sense. Just remember - if you need it - it's there!

Let's suppose you have a large PDF containing economic data for every country in the world. You'd like to ensure that the document opens showing the most relevant page for each client.

So someone from Mexico downloads the document. We know that page 165 contains the data for Mexico so let's alter the PDF so that it opens onto this page.

ABCpdf .NET extends the same great power and speed you get from ABCpdf to the .NET platform. More about ABCpdf standard features...

ABCpdf .NET is compatible with ABCpdf for ASP. It incorporates all the ABCpdf features in a package practically identical to the original. So if you've been using ABCpdf under .NET it's easy to migrate to ABCpdf .NET.

When we say practically identical we really mean practically identical. We changed the name of the Image object to XImage to avoid conflicts with the .NET drawing objects. That's it!

ABCpdf .NET adds extra features to allow simple interaction with the .NET environment using standard .NET structures and classes. If you want to mix and match .NET drawing classes with ABCpdf .NET you can now do this simply and easily.

We haven't made any compromises when it comes to speed either. ABCpdf .NET contains two components - a blazingly fast core engine and a lightweight .NET middle tier.

The core engine incorporates our proprietary Direct to PDF technology designed for high performance PDF manipulation in a multithreaded environment. The .NET tier comprises the visible interface and less speed critical code. When the assembly is loaded it locates and loads the core engine establishing a direct link between the two components.

Note that this architecture is fundamentally different from the COM callable wrappers you often see. The interface between the two components is a direct connection designed for maximum speed under all conditions and specifically avoids the .NET to COM wrappers for this very reason.

We've updated the documentation and all our examples have been translated into both C# and VB.NET so that no matter your language of choice, there's always an example waiting.

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