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Ranorex Studio 9.2.0

Ranorex Studio 9.2.0
Ranorex Studio 9.2.0

Ranorex Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for .Net framework applications written in C# and VB.Net. Ranorex Studio is based on SharpDevelop, an open source tool. The chapter Recording a Test already explains how to create a new Ranorex Solution. Within a Ranorex Solution different kinds of projects can be created. Ranorex Studio offers easy-to-use test automation tools for creating reliable automated testing projects. Optimize your robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio test any desktop, web or mobile application.

Ranorex is easy-to-use test automation software for developing and managing projects in teams made up of both testers and developers. A step-by-step wizard helps you to set up the test environment and quickly get started. Non-programmers can use the script-free drag & drop functionality, whereas professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their test suites and recordings.

The following paragraphs will explain individual functionality provided by Ranorex Studio:
Adding New Items
Solution Explorer
Code Completion
Code Conversion
Code Navigation
Code Generation

GUI Object Recognition
Ranorex's matchless GUI recognition covers all requirements in terms of accuracy and unique identification. It's okay if your button's shape or color changes... Ranorex will recognize and find your element anyway.

Reuseable Code Modules
Reuse code and action modules across multiple test cases with click & go functionality. This will save you a lot of time when changing multiple test cases.

Early Bug Finding
The little troublemakers that are hiding inside your code don't have a chance. Ranorex's bug tracking feature and click & go test reports will help you to get rid of annoying and time-consuming bugs.

Seamless Integration
Maybe you're already using a continuous integration system or working with a test management tool? No Problem. Ranorex works with a number of different tools.

Record, Pause & Play
Recording tests is that simple! Just press the record button, start your testing and Ranorex remembers all of the steps. Delete redundant steps with an easy-to-use editor.

Platform-independent web testing in grid environments.
As we've optimized our Selenium grid support, you can easily distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers to maximize testing efficiency while minimizing your time spent on testing!

Ranorex Studio 9.2.0 Release

Headline features

Simplified and more refined data-driven testing, with auto-generation of data sources and a searchable data binding pad to improve visibility
Support for WPF and WinForms running on .NET Core 3.0
Pause and resume test execution from the test progress dialog or the remote pad for tests running on Ranorex Agents
Improved and extended image-based testing functionality

General changes/features

Improved upgrading/downgrading experience for Ranorex Studio 9.1 and later: You no longer need to upgrade existing solutions when opening them in a newer version. You can now also use older versions of Ranorex Studio to open solutions created in newer versions (you will be warned if this may cause a loss of functionality)
Failed attempts to bring windows into the foreground are now detected and trigger a notification for the user
The ContainsImage validation action now includes a property to generate a difference image
You can now set the default settings for the reporting properties of image-based validation actions
Added a property to report the expected and actual image for image-based validation actions
For image-based actions, you can now define image ignore regions in the image editor, which excludes the defined region from the image comparison
Ranorex Agent can now collect custom artifacts by adding the agent-specific command-line argument /artifacts:. Includes *.rxzlog and *.junit.xml by default
All attribute-based validations (e.g. AttributeEqual) now have a grace period property that makes them more robust by giving the action a specified amount of time to complete the validation successfully
Improved overall test performance by up to 30% (effective values depend on technologies used)
Added support for Delphi TXDBGrid
The Android RxWebBrowser includes two new commands to clear cookies and the data cache
Improved the Android instrumentation experience by providing more settings under ‘Advanced settings’ in the instrumentation dialog (e.g. “no-res”) and more informative error messages
Added support for Android API 29
Upgraded adb (Android Debug Bridge) to version 1.0.41
Added support for the dynamic attribute “Hint” for TextView, EditText, and TextInputLayout items in Android applications
Added support for full recognition of all child elements of QQuickWidget controls (not just for the first child)
Provided a new UIA plugin setting to force UIA elements by subscribing to the UIA FocusChangedEvent
Improved IME support for RanoreXPath editor controls in Ranorex Studio
Simplified the RanoreXPath generation settings under Settings > Advanced by providing a slider with predefined levels
When using Report.Snapshot to attach snapshots to a report, these snapshots are now always placed in a separate folder
Ranorex JUnit reports now only contain messages with the report levels Error, Success, and Failure by default
You will now be notified not only when recording, but also when tracking in non-whitelisted or blacklisted processes
While tracking, you can now change the recognition level to an ancestor element by using the mouse wheel
Upgraded Ranorex Automation Helpers to v1.6.0
Added file comparison and text search methods to the Ranorex Automation Helpers
Added functionality to create a full page screenshot of a WebDocument to the Ranorex Automation Helpers
There are now public APIs for video reporting and performance tracing
You can now add custom “runid” and “sutversion” fields to the report using the command-line arguments /runid: and /sutversion:
The .Net 4.6.2 Targeting Pack is now deployed as a prerequisite with the Ranorex Studio setup
Added first batch of more informative descriptions for properties of actions
In the “Manage data sources…” dialog, you can now set a data-source column to be used as the label for data iterations in the report instead of the default iteration count
In the “Data source…” or “Data binding…” dialog, you can now automatically generate a CSV data source from existing variables


Fixed incorrect test count in progress dialog
Fixed a bug where Jira integration wouldn’t work correctly for more complex solutions
Fixed a bug where Jira integration wouldn’t work correctly if “Continue with iteration” error behavior was set
Fixed an issue when manually reporting to Jira and the value of a parameter contained a special character (e.g. &, #)
The TestRail integration now correctly exports values for custom fields
Fixed an issue where manual changes made to the “TestRail.trsd” file would sometimes be reverted
Fixed handling of DoubleTap touch type for mobile automation
Fixed an issue where Android instrumentation with -static flag would fail
Fixed an issue where Android instrumentation would fail for applications using dedicated implementations of the activity class
Fixed an issue where Android instrumentation would fail for applications containing a META-INF\services folder with files inside
Fixed a bug where a PathTooLongException would be thrown when instrumenting an iOS IPA package
Fixed an iOS issue that would cause automation deadlocks when a WKWebView control showed alerts/prompts
Fixed a bug in the iOS instrumentation where searching for the bundle ID in the signature block of the iOS binary would cause an error
Fixed a bug where iTunes would not be detected when installed from the Microsoft Store
Fixed a bug in the Windows Forms plugin where GetPropertyValue would throw an unhandled exception if deserialization caused an exception other than SerializationException
Improved handling of searches for web elements with duplicate ID values
Fixed a bug where WPF controls without a namespace would not be available in the WpfImproved element tree
Fixed a UI bug with the Key data property for the Key shortcut action
Fixed a bug where the image tab in the Recorder validation dialog would behave incorrectly when resizing the dialog
Fixed missing theming in the properties pad
Fixed a bug where user code actions would contain read-only arguments after copying
Limited the maximum dimensions of screenshots from the WebDocument.CaptureFullPageScreenshot method to 8192×16384 px to avoid memory exceptions
Fixed code generation performance for projects that include API documentation in the generated code
Fixed a loop of unhandled exceptions that would be thrown when pinning a variable value during debugging
Fixed an issue with Ranorex Studio not saving the layout when starting it with the “Load previous solution on startup” setting enabled
Fixed a bug where dependent files would be renamed incorrectly if the name of the parent file was changed
Fixed a bug where renaming project items with dependent files would create additional links in the project file if the dependent file was not changed

Breaking changes

Ranorex JUnit reports now only contain messages with the report levels Error, Success, and Failure by default
→ you can change the minimum error level by setting the property Ranorex.Core.Reporting.TestReport.MinimumJUnitReportLevel
When using Report.Snapshot to attach snapshots to a report, these snapshots are now always placed in a separate folder; ReportEnvironment.UseSnapshotFolder is no longer settable

Known issues

In very rare cases, Children of ContentPresenters are not recognized correctly by the WPF plugin
Loading projects in Visual Studio SDK-style format is not supported by Ranorex Studio
There are some known limitations regarding the .Net Core 3.0 support:
– Applications built with PublishTrimmed mode are not supported
– The WinForms plugin doesn’t support InvokeRemotely
– WinFormsHost controls in WPF applications are currently not supported

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