Grial UI Kit 3.0 with Grial Renamer Tool

Grial UI Kit 3.0 with Grial Renamer Tool

Grial UI Kit 3.0 with Grial Renamer Tool
Grial UI Kit 3.0 with Grial Renamer Tool

Beautiful XAML templates for your Xamarin.Forms apps. Designed for .NET Developers. Grial UI Kit provides a complete ready made collection of fully customizable beautiful XAML templates, UI screens and resources to help you build cross-platform apps with Xamarin.Forms.

Fully themeable
Get a new look and feel in minutes
Grial UI Kit provides and extensible theming architecture to easily adapt our kit to your brand colors. Choose your base theme, change color values compile and voilá! your app new look and feel it’s ready.

Fully optimized for Tablets and Phones
Get total UI control
Use our ResponsiveHelpers to have full control of your UI across multiple devices, platforms and screen orientations. Phones / Tablets / Phone Portrait / Phone Landscape / Tablet Portait / Tablet Landscape / Android Device / iOS Device. Any combination.

aware templates
– No layout duplication: same XAML for RTL & LTR
– Most wanted: RTL MasterDetail & NavigationBar
– Layouts and UI Controls automagically mirrored
– Runtime switching between RTL & LTR
– i18n XAML support through RESX files

Custom TabControl
Switch views inside your page easily. Alternate content visibility on the same page. Default look and feel matching Android and iOS and their native positioning. Fully customizable appearance through XAML templates and styles. Icon support beside labels. Full with or AutoScrollable, no matter how many tabs you add they will scroll automatically.

Custom UI Controls
Take your app to the next level
Grial UI Kit provides a complete set of Custom UI Controls designed to help you build the best user interface possible with Xamarin.Forms. Fully customizable TabControl, Badge, CircleIcon, RoundedLabel, Rating, Repeater, GridOptionsView, Walkthroughs, and more.

MVVM Ready
Nice and clean separation
Models and ViewModels provided to easily feed your UI with data. Keep your code clean and maintainable with the clean separation provided by Grial UI Kit. Focus on your code while we focus on the UI.

Project Structure
Under views folder you will find all the screen pages and templates that Grial UI Kit for offers.

Divided by categories such as, Navigation, Login Forms, E-commerce, Dashboards etc; you will find almost every UI pattern possible with Xamarin.Forms.

All Grial UI Kit pages were carefully designed in Xamarin.Forms XAML with a super easy to understand structure that will allow you to tweak, change, adapt, modify almost every visual aspect of the XAML pages and templates.

Grial UI Kit Theming
Grial UI Kit provides 3 default themes, but creating a custom Grial UI Kit theme it’s in fact really easy.

Tweak a few colors and you will have a overall look and feel in minutes.

Grial UI Kit theming architecture is expressive enough to allow you to tweak and re-define your theme as you wish, and with detailed control.

Grial conventions
Each page belongs to a category and in case your view had item templates associated, you will find them inside the folder called “Templates” on each view folder.

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