Runtime Flow Portable v1.8.0 + Cracked DLL

Runtime Flow Portable v1.8.0

Runtime Flow Portable v1.8.0
Runtime Flow Portable v1.8.0

What code is executed when you press a button in your application? This is what Runtime Flow lets you to see. Instantly, live! No jumping from method to method in IDE, no step-step-step-step in a debugger, not adding tracing statements to code. The moment you press the button, the answer is right here before you:

Imagine how much time and frustration you can save with this technology in your hands. Slice through an unfamiliar or complex codebase right to the method you need to change. Discover what events are being fired and their handlers. See actual function parameters, return values and exceptions. Find out why an application crashes without any error messages. Document dynamic behavior of the system by showing collaborations among objects

And why stop on your own code? Runtime Flow doesn't require source code or additional instrumentation for monitoring. Diagnose errors in 3rd party libraries and explore how other applications work with the same detailed function calls information.

Runtime Flow can monitor .NET 2.0 - 4.7 desktop applications, .NET Core modules and ASP.NET web applications on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Visual Studio 2019/2017/2015 integration lets you conveniently start monitoring for a project, position informational windows in the IDE and quickly navigate to function definitions:

Runtime Flow portable edition works without Visual Studio and without installation. Useful for monitoring applications without source code and for troubleshooting not on your main computer.

You can save monitoring results (content of the Runtime Flow and Runtime Summary windows) to a .rdf file with the Save button on the toolbar. This file can be later reopened with the corresponding Open button.

The Timeline view visualizes how threads running in parallel interact and tells you exactly when events occurred:

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