GemBox.PDF v1.3 build with Key

GemBox.PDF v1.3 build

GemBox.PDF v1.3 build
GemBox.PDF v1.3 build

GemBox.Pdf is a .NET component that enables developers to read, merge and split PDF files or execute low-level object manipulations from .NET applications in a simple and efficient way. If you want to create complex PDF documents, use GemBox.Document, GemBox.Spreadsheet, and GemBox.Presentation, which all have PDF exporting capability.

With GemBox.Pdf, you get a fast and reliable component that’s easy to use. It works on .NET Framework and .NET Standard, and it doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat, so you can deploy your application easily without having to think about other licenses.

Download your Free version. For the Professional version, which comes with 18 months of free bug fixes and technical support, each developer needs a developer license. We offer a no-risk money-back guarantee for 30 days. There is no need for a subscription and no need for server or OEM licenses.

Merge PDF files.
Split PDF files.
Extract a Unicode representation of a PDF page and individual text elements with their location and font.
Clone or import pages between PDF documents.
Read, write and update PDF files.
Get, create or edit outlines (bookmarks).
Get and set document information (document properties).
Get and set viewer preferences.
Get, create, remove or reorder pages.
Use basic PDF objects for currently unsupported PDF features.
Create content stream using basic PDF objects.
Medium trust support.

Top Features
Standalone .NET Component
Not dependent on Adobe Acrobat; 100% managed code (C#); follows .NET class library design guidelines.

Multiple Platforms
Read, write, create and update PDF files in .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono and Xamarin applications.

Fast Performance
Read and write 1000 pages with less than 50MB RAM, or create 200 small files in less than a second.

Release Notes
- Fixed issue with reading interactive form fields.
- Updated help pages.

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