Download Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control v7.4.25.0 Retail

Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control v7.4.25.0 Retail

Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control v7.4.25.0 Retail
Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control v7.4.25.0 Retail

Looking to enhance your Windows form applications? Our WinForm HTML editor control is easy to implement and has a polished, Word-like design. Our windows form HTML editor can take your Raw HTML or Word document and emit optimized XHTML. No transition into RTF. Just clean XHTML every time. With a number of powerful features, the windows form html editor can also be used right out of the box. There's also no limit to extensible design since our winform HTML editor control sports dozens of class properties, methods and events. We provide the source code to dialog elements and sample projects to build your own high-performing applications on-the-fly. When delivery of a distinctive user experience is a must, we give you customization at your disposal.

Our C# / VB.Net WinForm HTML editor is high-powered enough for sophisticated programmers but basic enough for the novice programmer. It gives you the power to choose how you want to build compelling and captivating apps.

    No elaborate coding is needed to offer a comprehensive spell-checker to your users. The built-in dialog based and inline spell checker supports NHunspell / Open Office and NetSpell dictionaries. US English dictionary is embedded for both NHunspell and NetSpell dictionaries. There’s no need to set a dictionary file path for US English Language.
    Quickly switch between three easy-to-use modes: WYSIWYG editing mode, HTML Source Editing mode, and Preview mode. The selected content in one mode is also selected in another mode when you switch between WYSIWYG and HTML Source Edit mode. Preview Mode releases you from guesswork as to how the end content will look in a web browser. When you switch from WYSIWYG mode to Raw HTML Source mode, the selected HTML in WYSIWYG mode also gets selected in HTML Source Mode. The Same logic works in opposite direction.
    Fully customizable context menu with source code
    Pasting content from MS Word was never easier. This control can efficiently paste the content from clipboard which was copied from MS Word by keeping the almost same look and feel of MS word; The pasted content is converted to good looking XHTML. No dirtier MS Word related tags.
    Tailor the toolbar to access the features you use most. Increase productivity by streamlining your process from the get-go.
    Fully customizable dialogs with source code
    Fully customizable context menu with source code
    It offers API for embedding all local images in BodyHtml (including local relative URL images) and output a plain old .NET Mail Message object which can be passed to .NET SMTPClient class for sending an email. It is a very handy feature when you want this control to be used as a little email message editor within your Windows Application
    GUI CSS Builder is available both in design mode and runtime. External CSS File can be used by simply setting a property.
    Many useful class properties, methods, and events are available to let your programming easier.
    Supports Relative URLs including but not limited to Image src, Hyperlinks, etc.
    Supports both Body-HTML mode and Document-HTML mode. The HTML retrieved from the editor is always XHTML. The HTML retrieving properties are optimized for Data Binding.
    Generates clean <span> tags for font elements; (<span style="font-family:Verdana">text here..</span> (not <font face="verdana">text here.</font>)
    GUI dialog for table insert and table properties, table column and table cell manipulation.
    Includes an HTML-Changed event which fires as soon as the HTML is changed, similar to the Text-changed property of a Textbox Control.
    A 'Pasting' event fires just before clipboard content pasted to the editor. The event argument object can be used to alter the clipboard content or cancel the event.
    This control can upload the local images to an FTP server and update the image source references according to the uploaded remote URL with just a single method call.
    Single Line Break or Paragraph as Enter key response - is now your choice.
    Various HTML Content manipulation API is added, Caret position getter/setter, various Selection related methods all are available in a most logical manner.

Even though you can use this control within your WPF Applications using Windows Form Host Control, yet we recommend using our WPF HTML Editor Control if you are planning to embed a WYSIWYG HTML Editor in your WPF Application.

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