Download GhostDoc Pro/Enterprise v2019.1.19260 + Crack

GhostDoc Pro/Enterprise v2019.1.19260

GhostDoc Pro/Enterprise v2019.1.19260
GhostDoc Pro/Enterprise v2019.1.19260

GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that automatically generates XML documentation comments for methods and properties based on their type, parameters, name, and other contextual information. When generating documentation for class derived from a base class or for interface implementation (e.g. .NET Framework or your custom framework), GhostDoc will use the documentation that Microsoft or the framework vendor has already written for the base class or interface.

Save keystrokes and time; simplify documenting your code
Automatically generate a starting point for your help documentation
Benefit of the base class documentation
StyleCop compliant documentation templates
(Pro) Documentation quality and maintenance
(Pro) Code Spell Checker
(Pro) Build Help File
(Pro) Take control of your help files with Help Configurations and Template Libraries

If you follow good naming conventions in your code, then you will get very decent results on the summary GhostDoc generates. When I see code that is not documented, it is as simple as hit Ctrl-Shift-D to have GhostDoc document it.

Both Pro and Enterprise editions of GhostDoc in version 5 introduce Documentation Quality hints in Visual Studio editor; Documentation Management assistance - find auto-generated comments, edit or remove the bulk created docs; identify and fix comments that are missing, out of sync or can be copied from base class; mark generated XML comments as auto-generated and "to be edited". The v5 also includes multiple Help documentation themes and layouts to choose from.

The free version of GhostDoc has been re-branded as GhostDoc Community Edition and adds general improvements, limited generation of CHM help documentation as well as the means to find auto-generated comments.

Documentation Quality Hints in Visual Studio editor
Documentation Maintenance - Find auto-generated comments - edit or remove the bulk created docs
Documentation Maintenance - Identify and fix comments that are missing, out of sync or can be copied from base class
Theme support for generated help documentation and new themes - Flat Gray and Flat Main
Official Visual Studio 2015 support
Options to add Auto-generated doc and TODO 'Edit' attributes
Option to have the default summary text focused and selected when using Document This command - allows to edit/override the summary quickly
Exclude from Documentation action marks a member with a tag to exclude it from the help documentation
Hide/Show Comments feature an easy way to expand/collapse documentation comments to minimize the XML Comments footprint in the Visual Studio code editor
New Summary Override table in Options - configure predefined summaries for specific member or type names instead of auto-generated
A basic Build Documentation feature is now available in the Community Edition of GhostDoc while quite limited and watermarked, yet allows to produce simple CHM help documentation for personal use without paying for the commercial version

Documentation Maintenance

This feature will help you identify missing documentation, find auto-generated XML comments, maintain your documentation, and keep it up to date. Once these are found, GhostDoc provides the tools to edit or remove the bulk created docs, add missing or fix the dated documentation one by one or as a batch. You can fine tune the search criteria and use your own template library if yours is different from the built-in.

Find auto-generated docs and edit or remove them
Find and fix members that are missing documentation
Discover members that have parameters, return types, and type parameters out of sync with the existing XML comments and fix the comments
Find members that can have XML docs copied from the base class
Find documentation that require editing

Help Documentation Themes

In the v5 we are introducing theme support for the generated help documentation and including two new themes, The old help doc view preserved as the Classic theme. You can see the new theme preview here - Flat Gray (default) and Flat Main.

The Enterprise Edition users can modify the existing themes or create and deploy own help documentation themes now easier than ever!

The Community Edition theme selection is limited to one Classic.

Summary Override
The Summary Override table allows to configure predefined summaries for specific member or type names to be used instead of the auto-generated. We ship some predefined summary overrides and you are welcome to add your own. If you find a summary override that the GhostDoc user community can benefit of, please submit it to us to be reviewed for the inclusion.

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