Download Devart LinqConnect v4.9.1878 Nuget + License

Devart LinqConnect v4.9.1878 Nuget

Devart LinqConnect v4.9.1878 Nuget
Devart LinqConnect v4.9.1878 Nuget

LinqConnect is a fast, lightweight, and easy to use LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution, supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. It allows you to use efficient and powerful data access for your .NET Framework, Metro, Silverlight, or Windows Phone applications supporting Code-First, Model-First, Database-First or mixed approaches.

LINQ to SQL Compatible!
LinqConnect was developed closely to LINQ to SQL and retains full compatibility with it. Interface of the LinqConnect classes is compatible with LINQ to SQL ones. If you are a LINQ to SQL developer, you don't need to learn much and can start developing with LinqConnect immediately.

Unlike LINQ to SQL, LinqConnect is an actively developed and supported product, and it offers a number of benefits over LINQ to SQL. It supports more database servers, more development platforms, more LINQ features, more mapping kinds, provides better performance, etc.

Code-First, Database-First, Model-First - All Are Supported!
LinqConnect supports all the development approaches - Code-First, Database-First, Model-First, or mixing Database-First and Model-First. Its visual model designer Entity Developer allows you to quickly design your model and offers easy-to-use wizards for creating model from a database, database from a model, or synchronizing existing model and database in any direction. Entity Developer provides powerful and highly customizable template-based code generation, allowing you to configure code output redirection, generate partial classes, use custom attributes for your classes and members, etc.

.NET, Silverlight, Metro, Mono, Windows Phone - Share Code!
Share the same code for working with data on different platforms! LinqConnect is a database connectivity solution that works great on different .NET-based frameworks, including Full .NET Framework, .NET Core, Silverlight, Mono, etc. In addition to LINQ data access, it offers you ADO.NET interfaces for Silverlight, Metro, and Windows Phone, that was not available for these platforms before! Moreover, for these platforms, LinqConnect provides a managed embedded database engine from C# SQLite project for working with local SQLite databases. For more details, visit the following pages: LinqConnect for Metro , LinqConnect for Silverlight , and LinqConnect for Windows Phone .

Easy Integration with Different Microsoft Technologies
Use LinqConnect for data access in your Windows Forms, ASP.NET WebForms, WCF RIA Services, Dynamic Data, WPF, or other applications. LinqConnect offers wide data binding support for Windows Forms and WPF applications and LinqDataSource component for ASP.NET web applications and provides additional integration features for Dynamic Data projects and WCF RIA Services.

LINQ Support
While most ORMs use their own query language and LINQ support is just an additional feature, LinqConnect was designed as the LINQ provider, it has no extra layers between LINQ and SQL. Because of this LinqConnect has higher performance and better LINQ support.

Mapping Support
LinqConnect supports all the widely used mapping cases: complex types, many-to-many associations, TPT and TPH inheritances, mapping stored procedures returning cursors to methods, etc. And it's not bloated with support for exotic and needless mapping cases - it remains fast, simple, and easy-to-understand.

Rich Runtime Features
LinqConnect features smart change tracking, advanced error processing mechanisms, extensibility methods for customizing CRUD and other operations, POCO support, lazy and eager loading that can be customized on query level, etc.

LinqConnect performance is high enough without lots of efforts on optimizing your code. Even higher if you bother to do so. LinqConnect contains a set of solutions for increasing performance, such as a compiled query cache or batch updates.

LinqConnect makes creating data access layer simple and convenient. With it you can write high-performance cross-database applications.

With LinqConnect you get the complete set of tools: ORM, visual model designer, data providers, and SQL monitoring tool.

We provide fast and high-quality technical support for our products. Reported bugs are quickly fixed, and user's suggestions are implemented. Our roadmap is based on your feedback, and we release new builds and versions regularly.

You don't need to be a database professional or very high-skilled programmer to use LinqConnect.

4.9.1878 23-Dec-19

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview is supported
The bug with using Toolbox component DbLinqDataSource in web projects of Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 is fixed
The bug with quoting SQL Server reserved keywords used as identifiers in Code-First mapping is fixed (SQL Server)
The bug with creating a Date parameter for the property mapped to DbType="DATE" and used in .WHERE() clause of LINQ query is fixed (SQL Server)
Entity Developer
The 12cR2 option is added to the list of available Oracle versions in Model Synchronization Settings

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