Download Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms v1.4.4.1 + Key

Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms v1.4.4.1

Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms v1.4.4.1
Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms v1.4.4.1

Allow even the most non-technical of users to create rich text in HTML format in your Winforms and WPF applications. Zoople HTML Editor .NET for Winforms for Visual Basic (VB) and C# is a fully customisable HTML editor for your WinForms or WPF project. Simple to use and easy to implement and with a familiarly styled word-processing interface. The HTML Editor .NET for Winforms allows end-users to create HTML snippets for pages, email templates, and any other application that requires the editing of HTML content.

Perfect for and Winforms and WPF applications such as:

editing web page segments
composing content rich emails
constructing HTML templates for mail merges (download mail merge and other sample projects)
content management systems
Any application that requires the creation of HTML based visually rich-text

Bindable to any datasource
Language customisable
Enable / Disable any aspects of the UI
Source Code view
Apply Cascading Style Sheets
Spell checking options
CSS applicator for indiviual elements
Optional property grid to define element specific properties
Can be integrated with spell checking libraries such as nHunSpell
Supports HTML5 and CSS3
Multi-level undo / redo
Visual and mouse driven table grid size selector for inserting tables

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