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Ranorex Studio 9.3.0

Ranorex Studio 9.3.0
Ranorex Studio 9.3.0

Ranorex Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for .Net framework applications written in C# and VB.Net. Ranorex Studio is based on SharpDevelop, an open source tool. The chapter Recording a Test already explains how to create a new Ranorex Solution. Within a Ranorex Solution different kinds of projects can be created. Ranorex Studio offers easy-to-use test automation tools for creating reliable automated testing projects. Optimize your robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio test any desktop, web or mobile application.

Ranorex is easy-to-use test automation software for developing and managing projects in teams made up of both testers and developers. A step-by-step wizard helps you to set up the test environment and quickly get started. Non-programmers can use the script-free drag & drop functionality, whereas professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their test suites and recordings.

The following paragraphs will explain individual functionality provided by Ranorex Studio:
Adding New Items
Solution Explorer
Code Completion
Code Conversion
Code Navigation
Code Generation

GUI Object Recognition
Ranorex's matchless GUI recognition covers all requirements in terms of accuracy and unique identification. It's okay if your button's shape or color changes... Ranorex will recognize and find your element anyway.

Reuseable Code Modules
Reuse code and action modules across multiple test cases with click & go functionality. This will save you a lot of time when changing multiple test cases.

Early Bug Finding
The little troublemakers that are hiding inside your code don't have a chance. Ranorex's bug tracking feature and click & go test reports will help you to get rid of annoying and time-consuming bugs.

Seamless Integration
Maybe you're already using a continuous integration system or working with a test management tool? No Problem. Ranorex works with a number of different tools.

Record, Pause & Play
Recording tests is that simple! Just press the record button, start your testing and Ranorex remembers all of the steps. Delete redundant steps with an easy-to-use editor.

Platform-independent web testing in grid environments.
As we've optimized our Selenium grid support, you can easily distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers to maximize testing efficiency while minimizing your time spent on testing!

Ranorex Studio 9.3.0 Release

Headline features

The new Ranorex Coach helps you follow best practices and avoid common mistakes by giving you useful hints during test design
Improved reporting into Jira and TestRail
GDI+ support: To activate, set Settings > Plugins > Capture GDI+ to “True”
Support for the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
Easier auto-binding of variables: Select the test-suite node, click Auto-bind in the data binding pad, and all auto-bindable variables are taken care of
Better performance thanks to improved logging of test containers that are blocked as a result of an unfulfilled condition
Test containers can now have the same names
Drag and drop support for iOS
Intercom chat for trial versions of Ranorex Studio

General changes/features

Improved project load and code generation performance, with better utilization of multiple processor cores
The description of Jira issues is now updated when a test case fails again
Improved the test progress dialog to be more informative
Ranorex Studio now showcases the available sample solutions in an overlay on first start
Support for MSBuild 16
You can now add a process to the whitelist directly from the whitelisting technology limitation message
Improved organization of the “View” menu in Ranorex Studio
You can now view Excel data sources in Ranorex Studio/Test Suite Runner even if only the Microsoft Access Database Engine is installed, and not MS Excel itself. When creating the Excel data connector, under “Range” you need to select “Auto-range” or provide the range manually.
When individually running a recording or code module that contains variables, a dialog appears that warns you that only default values will be used. This dialog also lets you run the entire test suite instead.
Improved Android service apps to better inform users about missing permission
Added support for Android AppCompatToggleButton to be correctly recognized as a ToggleButton


Fixed nodes returned by GetAncestors when called from modules inside a module group, thereby fixing the value returned by TestModuleLeaf.IsDescendantOfTearDownNode/IsDescendantOfSetupNode
Fixed GDI and Delphi instrumentation issue with newest .NET runtime version 4.8.4075.0
Fix version inconsistency in iOS service apps
Fixed a threading issue that could have caused DOM document elements to not be found in Chrome and Firefox if multiple threads were running (e.g. PopupWatcher)
The Chrome extension isn’t persistently installed anymore when instrument is set to true on Open Browser action. Instead, it’s added via side-loading
Fixed an issue where using the remote pad on a machine with a particular Finnish time format would throw and error when trying to connect to a Ranorex Agent
Reduced the Instrumentation Wizard’s memory consumption and added a 64-bit version
When using the Ranorex Automation Helpers CreatePDFModule, PDF reports are now properly returned to the host machine after running the test on a Ranorex Agent
Fixed OSEdition Host attribute and the value of the “Operating System” field in the report for Windows Server 2016 and above
When recording with ‘App folder caching’ disabled in the repository default settings, app folders are not created correctly
Fixed an issue where running a test or loading a solution would not return you to the previously opened file tab or mix up tab order
Fixed an issue where data bindings would be lost if a module in a test suite could not be resolved and you rebuilt the project. Modules and bindings are now restored automatically
Fixed an issue where the “Jump to item” button in reports would not jump to the correct item
Fixed an issue where running a test sequence would record a video despite video reporting being disabled
Fixed a potential Ranorex Studio crash when using the IME in the new recording dialog
Handled an exception in the local variables pad where a local variable expression could not be parsed
Fixed the default path for projects on first startup when not using the solution wizard
Fixed null ref on renaming excluded project items in projects browser
Fixed null ref on adding a user code method to a recording
Fixed an issue where the data binding grid would throw an InvalidOperationException when changing bindings

Breaking changes

No data is logged for test containers that are blocked as a result of an unfulfilled condition. They only appear as blocked in the report
Because the OSEdition Host attribute now returns a correct value for Windows Server 2016 and above, you may need to adjust validations or attribute comparisons referring to this attribute

Known issues

Screenshots may not show up in the description of issues created in Jira cloud instances, see the attachments for the screenshots
The following known limitations exist for drag and drop on iOS:
– drag & drop delegates implemented in a tested app may cause the drag action to be finished right after the touch start, with no possibility to specify a touch move or touch end location
– moving cells between two different UITableViews or UICollectionViews is not possible
There may be issues deploying instrumented Android apps over WiFi, please contact Ranorex support in case of problems


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