Download Kellerman Gold Suite v32.0 + Key

Kellerman Gold Suite v32.0

Kellerman Gold Suite v32.0
Kellerman Gold Suite v32.0

Includes all of our award winning products AND all updates and any new products released during the yearly subscription.

Compare Access Databases with AccessDiff
Encrypt Credit Cards, Passwords, Connection Strings and more with the .NET Encryption Library
Handle all FTP operations easily with .NET FTP Library
Log to any target with the .NET Logging Library
Generate tests for any testing framework from your C# or VB.NET code with NUnit Test Generator
Create user friendly interfaces with the Themed Wizard
Speed up your .NET, Silverlight, and Windows Phone applications with the .NET Caching Library
Perform cutting edge email validation with the .NET Email Validation Library
Find Unused Stored Procedures with the Unused Stored Procedures Tool
Securely transfer files over SSH using the .NET SFTP Library
ACID compliant database with LINQ, transactions, indexes, and more for Windows Phone, Silverlight and .NET. Ninja Database Pro
We also have a database for WinRT (Windows Runtime) and Windows Phone. Ninja WinRT Database is built on the solid foundation of Ninja Database Pro. Ninja WinRT Database
ORM, Query To Entity Mapper, LINQ Provider, Generator. All the best features of NHibernate, Entity Framework, Massive, LINQ and ADO.NET rolled into one incredible product; Knight .NET Data Access Layer
Read and write CSV files with a single line of code with CSV Reports
Compare strings, streams, and text files with the What's Changed? Library
Create Excel files without Excel being installed with .NET Excel Reports
Create reports based on Microsoft Word files without having Microsoft Word installed using .NET Word Reports
Read and write to the registry, config files, and INI files with Config Helper Pro
Easily create connection strings with the Connection String Creator.
Standardize Street Addresses according to USPS guidelines using the USPS Street Standardization library.
Parse names into Military Rank, Honorific, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix with Name Parser
Track expiring URLs and Download links using the .NET Link Tracker
Encrypt/decrypt files and streams with Open PGP using a single line of code with the .NET PGP Library
Search for text, numbers or dates accross multiple SQL Server Databases with Search SQL Server Database
Create a Commercial Installer, a Installer, or a Windows Installer with Installerific
Perform device detection and browser recognition with the User Agent Parser Library
Easily create and reverse engineer database schemas with the Easy Database Creator


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