Download Mr. Gestures for Xamarin v2.1.1 + Crack

Mr. Gestures for Xamarin v2.1.1

Mr. Gestures for Xamarin v2.1.1
Mr. Gestures for Xamarin v2.1.1

Xamarin Forms is great if you want to develop apps for different mobile platforms. But when it comes to touch gestures, it is still very limited.
For more than a year they only had the TapGestureRecognizer. Although they did add some others lately, they still don't provide all information which you need. Furthermore the API which they use has been copied from iOS and is not what a .NET developer would expect.

MR.Gestures tries to close that gap.

It adds Down, Up, Tapping, Tapped, DoubleTapped, LongPressing, LongPressed, Panning, Panned, Swiped, Pinching, Pinched, Rotating and Rotated events to each and every layout, cell and view and to the ContentPage. These events will be raised when the user performs the corresponding touch gesture on the element.

In the EventArgs passed to the handlers you can see exactly what happened.

You can work with the touch gestures completely from the .NET Standard / PCL project. The platform specific code is all done in MR.Gestures.

Event Handlers in XAML
To add the event handler in XAML you have to:

Add the namespace MR.Gestures from the dll
Use the element from that namespace instead of Xamarin.Forms
Add the handlers for the gestures you want to listen to

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