Download Syncfusion Essential Studio Volume 1 Service Pack

Syncfusion Essential Studio Volume 1 Service Pack

Syncfusion Essential Studio Volume 1 Service Pack
Syncfusion Essential Studio Volume 1 Service Pack

Syncfusion, Inc., the developer solutions company of choice, announced its second volume release of the year: Essential Studio 2016 Volume 2, adding enhancements and features across all supported platforms. Two suites in particular Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Essential Studio for Xamarin received substantial enhancements.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition includes 650+ Windows Forms, WPF, HTML5/jР°vascript, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Silverlight, LightSwitch, Windows Phone, WinRT, and Universal Windows Platform components, Essential Studio Enterprise Edition helps you deliver truly enterprise-class applications.

Dynamic and feature-rich, this collection lets you easily add sophisticated functionality, high-performance capabilities, and stunning user interfaces to your web, mobile, and desktop applications. Among its hundreds of controls: Grids; a docking manager; a Ribbon control; editors; group bars, a skin manager; a navigation package; wizards; a tree package; charting; diagramming; a spreadsheet control; scheduling; gauges; pivot grids; mapping; grouping; a calculation engine; a Gantt control; syntax highlighting; Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF creation/modification capabilities; RDL reporting (a designer, a writer, and a viewer); OLAP controls, and a PDF viewer.

Also included is Essential Predictive Analytics, a .NET execution engine that can execute PMML models and provide real-time results from within your .NET applications - without any third-party dependencies. Each Essential Studio Enterprise Edition subscription includes access to the Syncfusion Plus program, giving the licensee access to three enterprise solutions: Dashboard Platform (1 Server license and 15 CALs per organization included), Big Data Platform (1 cluster with 5 nodes per organization included), and Report Platform (1 Server license and 15 CALs per organization included).

Also included in the Syncfusion Plus program is the hybrid mobile application solution Orubase. The package ships with 4,000+ useful samples and incorporates a unique debugging system that allows for switching between debug and release versions of the library with a single click from inside the Visual Studio.NET IDE.

Essential Studio Enterprise Edition includes the following libraries.

- Essential Tools - Collection of great user interface controls including Office 2010 and Visual Studio.NET-style controls, docking windows, editors, and more.
- Essential Grid - Fully customizable industry-standard grid control with extensive Excel-like feature set.
- Essential Chart - High-performance business chart component with a unique point-based styles architecture, more than 30 chart types, and extensive user interaction capabilities.
- Essential Diagram - Essential Diagram is a .NET framework for developing Microsoft Visio-like interactive 2-D graphics and diagramming applications.
- Essential Edit - Enhanced text editor similar to the Visual Studio code editor with great features such as syntax highlighting, multi-level undo/redo, and IntelliSense.
- Essential Grouping - Essential Grouping is a high-performance grouping engine that can group any list of data.
- Essential XlsIO - Essential XlsIO is a .NET framework component that can read and write Microsoft Excel files (from Excel versions 97 to 2010) without any reliance on Excel.
- Essential Calculate - Essential Calculate is a full-fledged standalone formula engine. It comes with a function library of more than 150 commonly used formulas for your business objects.
- Essential PDF - Essential PDF is a full featured .NET library that can create and modify PDF files without any dependence on Adobe.
- Essential HTMLUI - Essential HTMLUI is a 100% .NET HTML display engine. It can be used to create extremely flexible user interfaces.
- Essential DocIO - .NET library that can read and write Microsoft Word files, with a full-fledged object model similar to Microsoft Office COM libraries.
- Essential Gauge - Allows you to use XAML and C# to create many gauge designs including circular gauges, linear gauges, rolling gauges, and digital gauges for visualizing data.
- Essential Schedule - A UI control library that lets you add Outlook-like scheduling capabilities to your applications.
- Essential Maps - Provides a graphical representation of geographical data for map applications. It can be used to represent statistical data for specific regions. The built-in Navigation control makes it easy to move through the map. With Essential Maps, you can load ESRI Shapefiles, employ color palettes with custom colors, and zoom or pan a map with powerful event mechanisms.
- Essential Spreadsheet - Edit Excel files in a familiar Excel-like interface without having Excel installed.
- Essential Gantt - Add a Microsoft Project-like project-management interface to your applications.
- Essential PDF - .NET library that can create and modify PDF files without any external dependency on Adobe Acrobat. Convert a multitude of files to PDF and have complete control over your document.
- Essential PDF Viewer - View, print, and export PDF files from your WPF or Windows Forms applications without any reliance on Adobe Acrobat.
- Essential Report Viewer - A component for viewing reports defined in Microsoft's RDL format in your WPF and Silverlight applications. Support is provided for various report visualization elements such as charts, grids, gauges, text boxes, images, rectangles, and lines.
- Essential Report Writer - A class library that enables you to render RDL-format reports as PDFs. The reports can be tabular, graphical, or free-form, and can make use of relational, multidimensional, XML, and object data sources.
- Essential ProjIO - Native .NET library that enables applications to read and write Microsoft Project .xml files without any reliance on Microsoft Project.
- Essential BI Grid - Interactive grid great for visualizing OLAP data from XMLA-compatible data sources like MS SQL and Mondrian. Summarize, analyze, and explore your critical business data and make informed decisions.
- Essential BI Client - Includes a powerful UI for managing your OLAP data with business intelligence analysis that includes slicers, filters, summaries, and KPIs.
- Essential BI Chart - Capable of representing business intelligence data as charts from any XMLA-compatible source like MS SQL and Mondrian
- Essential BI Gauge - Capable of representing business intelligence data in gauges from any XMLA-compatible source like MS SQL and Mondrian.
- Essential BI PivotGrid - A powerful pivot table for visualizing relational data in a multidimensional UI that works with relational data. Also features support for exporting grid content to Excel, Word, and PDF documents while preserving format.


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