Download Workflow Engine for.Net Core Enterprise 4.2.1 (June 2020 ) + Crack

Workflow Engine for.Net Core Enterprise 4.2.1 (June 2020 )

Workflow Engine for.Net Core Enterprise 4.2.1 (June 2020 )
Workflow Engine for.Net Core Enterprise 4.2.1 (June 2020 ) + Crack

Workflow Server is a ready-to-use Workflow Engine-based application that you can deploy into your infrastructure. It can be integrated with any applications via a REST API. Perfect for microservices-based architecture.


Workflow Server is 100% ready to work. Simply launch it and start creating processes via HTTP API straight away and manage your processes via the admin interface.

Full-featured & high perfomance
Workflow Server covers all workflow cases for document approval systems and demonstrates perfect performance. It's enough for any solution from corporate systems to IoT platforms.

Manage workflows with GET and POST requests to Workflow Server.

Cross-platform compatibility
Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS environment. Supports docker container deployment.

Workflow Server in a Docker container
Starting with version 2.3, Workflow Server is published in a container on Docker Hub. All server settings mentioned here can be passed to the server via environment variables. The names of environment variables are set in accordance with the notation adopted in ASP.NET Core for *nix systems with double underscore as a separator of nested properties, for example, DefaultLoggerConfig__FileSettings__FileName. Since logging levels are defined through an array, each element of the array is set via an environment variable with an index at the end separated by a double underscore, for example, DefaultLoggerConfig__FileTarget__0, DefaultLoggerConfig__FileTarget__1, etc. You can read more on this in this document from Microsoft.

Workflow API
Workflow API enables you to manage everything related to your schemes and workflows, be it the creation of a process instance, returning the list of available commands and executing them, getting the list of available states and setting them, inbox/outbox folders, etc.

Creating instances & retreiving their info
Getting a list of commands & executing them
Getting a list of available states & setting them
Checking if a process exists
Accessing Inbox/Outbox folders
Recalculating Inbox folder

Callback API
Callback API allows you to integrate Workflow Server into any infrastructure (for example, the one based on microservice architecture) by specifying external URLs that you wish Workflow Server to call whenever a specific event occurs.

Getting a list of actions & executing them
Getting a list of conditions & executing them
Getting rules & checking them
Getting identities
Generating schemes
Receiving status change notifications

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