Download Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.4.1 with Crack and Keys

Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.4.1 with Crack and Keys

Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.4.1 with Crack and Keys
Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.4.1 with Crack and Keys

Stimulsoft Ultimate is a universal set of tools for creating reports and dashboards. The product includes a complete set of tools for WinForms, ASP.NET, .NET Core, jаvascript, WPF, PHP, Java, and other environments. We provide easy-to-use and, at the same time, fully functional designer. You may create reports and dashboards for any of the supported platforms. Special wizards and editors will help you to cope with any task easily.

Our reports and dashboards have a unified format for more than 15 platforms. Our reports are created in a recognizable and consistent visual interface. We offer the same approaches and practices in designing reports, standardized user manuals, and video tutorials.

We have a wide range of tools for creating informative dashboards and sophisticated reports. Texts, images, graphics, indicators, bar-codes, primitives, and other components, a large set of preset styles, special wizards will allow you to quickly and efficiently implement your ideas.

You can configure the Chart element in the special editor. In order to call the chart editor, you should:

Double-click the left mouse button;

Select the Chart item and select the Design command in the context menu;

Select the Chart item, and, on the property panel, click the Browse button for the Values, Arguments or Series properties.

In the chart editor, you can do the following:

Specify data fields with values for the chart;

Specify chart arguments;

Specify the rows of the chart;

Choose a chart type;

Modify the expression of the selected item.

Do users of your applications want to change the reports and dashboards? No problem! The report designer can be launched from your application at any time. Just one line of code and your clients can make the necessary changes in templates!

Stimulsoft Ultimate is an excellent offer for those who use several platforms in application development, such as Windows Forms, ASP.NET, .NET Core, jаvascript, WPF, PHP, Java, and others.

Sometimes it is necessary to add images to reports. They can be photos of goods, images of colleagues etc. Sometimes it is necessary to place a company logo. The Image component is used to output images. This component supports the following types of images: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, ICO, EMF and WMF.

New Features:
New functions are added - FromOADate, ToOADate.
Sorting by variation is added to the Progress and Indicator elements.
The new ShowBlanks option is added to the ComboBoxElement, ListBoxElement, TreeViewElement and TreeViewBoxElement.
The Sparkline component was added.
The RefreshingEvent is added to the StiReport.
Sort by Target values is added to the sort menu of the Gauge element.
Support for .NET Core 3.1 for WinForms components.
The SparkLine component.
Added support for GIS Map. Now you can add a field containing the SQL geometry to Online Map. In this case, a large number of supported providers have been added for displaying the background of the map.
The View Data button is added to each element in the dashboard viewer.
Poperties area for Waterfall series.
Ability to use Icons Set for charts.
Interactions for indicators.
The View Query menu item is added to the context menu of the dashboard page title.
Login with Google.
Sorting for Indicator/Progress elements.
The Quickbook connection form.
The ShowBlanks property was added to ComboBox, ListBox, TreeView and TreeViewBox.
The OpenLinksWindow option for dashboard interaction hyperlinks.
New simple chart editor in the designer.
The Compress to archive option for export as an image.
Hyperlink for Indicator.
The new Sparkline component.
View Data for dashboard elements.
Now DrillDown reports are supported from resources.
Export to Image. The new option - CompressToArchive.
Export to PDF/XPS. Converting alternative font names.
The ToWordsAr function is added.
Some improvements of the report parameters showing in the viewer.
The amount of drill-down parameters was increased up to 10.
Improvements regarding working with DataSource, DataRelation and MasterComponent properties in the property panel.
Some improvements regarding using expressions in the Text element.
The TickLabel and TickMark output algorithm for the Gauge element was redesigned. Now they will always appear together (and a different amount of them as well) depending on the size of the element.
Improved export of Indicators to PDF.
Supporting Images in the QR code.
The Interaction form was redesigned.
Fixed Bugs:
Some minor improvements in the simple Chart editor.
Incorrect date types processing in the filters of dashboards.
Some issues with the Culture date formatter.
Some issues with Null values in filters of dashboard elements.
Some issues with null values are fixed in filters.
The Interaction editor was redesigned.
Some issues with the Image decoder.
Transfer of Cookies when loading file data.
Incorrect work of the OData data adapter.
Engine, StiParser. Filters by fields with relations.
The issue with clearing data relation collection.
The issue with closing the chart editor when another chart editor has opened.
Editable fields in the PDF export.
Object reference error when using StiServerCacheMode.StringSession in the Web designer for .NET Core.
Some issues with the ShowExports button in the PreviewSettings of the report.
Some issues with null values processing in the stacked chart element.
Some issues with filters and sort editor in the chart component.
Showing sparkline in the Table element using SVG.
Сurrency format for the Y-axis chart.
Displaying the title for a gauge from a string column.
Use "list weight" for chart in the Interpretation mode.
Token authentication for OData.
Use the ReportAlias key from the chart interaction parameteres.
X-axis formatting for bar charts.
Abbreviations for Y-axis in charts.
Problems with the XML converter.
The issue with usong the Width property for Doughnut with only one value.
Some issues with conditions for the Gantt chart.
Some bungs with filtering of the Text component.
Issues with minimizing and maximizing the button in the Standalone designer.
Custom data adapter. Column types were added.
The MasterReport was added to JS.
ReportCreated and ReportChanged did not change.
The error occurred when using viewData.
Number formatting did not work correctly.
A bug with a trial in the Report Checker preview.
Issues with alignment in the WYSIWYG editor.
Сolumns gaps issue in the designer.
Supporting the drill-down single page mode.
A bug with toolbar alignment.
Export. The Combobox in multi-mode showed Key instead of Name.
In the mode TextQuality=Wysiwyg the "font-fallback" now works.
Export. Combo box in the multi-mode dislayed the All extra item.
The Expression Checker in some cases icorrectly processed Aliases.
The GetUsedDataSourcesNames method now considers filters of data bands.
NetCore. Now the CanBreak property shows the long text correctly.
Engine. Possible looping if DataSource parameters contain expressions.
Import to Excel. In some cases, numeric values were not recognized correctly.
Export to PDF. The file appeared to be broken if the line had zero tickness.
Exports. TextOptions.LineLimit now work properly.
Export to PDF. Some issues with EmbeddedFiles.
Export to PDF. A problem with the SVG image quality in Watermark.
Export to Word. Pages with segments missed some the other pages.
Export to Excel. The tab character could corrupt the file.
Export to Excel. Issues with groupDigits if the HideZeros was enabled.

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