Download Red Gate .NET Reflector v10.2.5.1907 VSPro + Plugin Reflexil v2.3

Red Gate .NET Reflector v10.2.5.1907 VSPro + Plugin Reflexil v2.3

Red Gate .NET Reflector v10.2.5.1907 VSPro + Plugin Reflexil v2.3
Red Gate .NET Reflector v10.2.5.1907 VSPro + Plugin Reflexil v2.3

Debug third-party code, even if you don't have the source. NET Reflector Pro provides the latest version of .NET Reflector, plus a Visual Studio add-in containing the Pro features .NET Reflector Pro integrates .NET Reflector into Visual Studio to allow you to seamlessly debug into third-party code and assemblies, even if you don't have the source code for them. For example, you may have a project that contains a third-party assembly, but you cannot step into it because you do not have the source code, symbols, or PDB file. After you have installed .NET Reflector Pro, you can use the Visual Studio add-in to select and decompile the assembly that you are interested in.

Developers use .NET Reflector VSPro to:

Debug assemblies without source code using the Visual Studio debugger
Decompile and explore .NET assemblies inside Visual Studio
Serve as a powerful object browser
Decompile .NET code to understand how it works
Learn or teach the complexities of a .NET language
Provide a better alternative to library documentation
Recover lost or unavailable source code
Locate performance issues
Analyze dependencies
Check obfuscation

Look inside any .NET code

Debug your application

Follow bugs through your application to see where the problem is your own code, third-party libraries, or components used by your application.

Understand how applications work

Inherited an application with no documentation and no comments? Use .NET Reflector to understand how the code runs and avoid bugs.

Look inside APIs, SharePoint, and other third-party platforms

Third-party platforms aren't always well-documented. Use .NET Reflector to look inside their assemblies, and see how they work and which APIs you can call.

Debug third-party code fast

Using third-party technologies is a great way to get stuff done fast without re-inventing the wheel. But it's hard to debug libraries, components, and frameworks you didn't write.

.NET Reflector saves time and simplifies development by letting you see and debug into the source of all the .NET code you work with.

Follow bugs through your own code, third-party components, and any compiled .NET code you work with. You can see third-party code in Visual Studio, and debug into it just like your own.

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