Download Korzh EasyQuery JS v5.4.1

Korzh EasyQuery JS v5.4.1

Korzh EasyQuery JS v5.4.1
Korzh EasyQuery JS v5.4.1

EasyQuery.JS is a jаvascript framework that makes it easy to implement advanced search, data filtering or adhoc reporting scenarios (like on the screenshots) in your web application.

So, as you can see EasyQuery.JS gives you a simple to use but powerful user interface to build a query or a filter to your data. Your end-users will get the power of SQL (even if they can't pronounce it properly) with the simplicity of the natural language.

EasyQuery.JS gives you all you need to implement the front-end part - core classes, helpers, UI widgets, etc. However, you still may need some server-side code to support the front-end - give a meta-information about your data (what is called “data model”), handle the requests from the client-side scripts, connect and query your DB, send the results back to front-end.

EasyQuery.JS (embedded to some html page) requests the data model from your server-side application using AJAX request.

The data model defines which entities and attributes users can operate with when they build their queries, and how they related to each other.

.NET version of EasyQuery allows you to build data model at run-time. On other platforms, you will need to create data model “manually” using a special utility.

End-user builds some query - adds/changes some columns and conditions using EasyQuery.JS UI.

EasyQuery.JS informs the application that the query has changed and sends the JSON representation of the query.

In case of using EasyQuery Server, your application transfers the query JSON to the Server.

We need to generate a SQL query by the JSON query.

In case of using EasyQuery backend services, EasyQuery code in your application gets the query JSON and generates a correct SQL query.

In case of using EasyQuery Server, the Server generates a SQL query and sends it back to your application.

Now the application is able to connect to the database and to run the SQL query on it.

The application receives the result of SQL query execution.

The (pre-formatted by the application) result tabular data are sent to the EasyQuery.JS to be visualized.

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