Download Progress Telerik Reporting R3 2021 SP1 ( Retail

Progress Telerik Reporting R3 2021 SP1 ( Retail

Progress Telerik Reporting R3 2021 SP1 ( Retail
Progress Telerik Reporting R3 2021 SP1 ( Retail

JustDecompile is available for free download individually, or it can be purchased with priority support as a part of DevCraft - the most comprehensive HTML5 and .NET toolbox. JustDecompile is fast. In fact, really fast. When tested against the leading competitors, for .NET framework decompilation time, JustDecompile came out 10 times faster than the leading commercial decompiler. Try it and verify the results for yourself.

Gain access to the complete stack of products to help you build stunning apps twice as fast:

Over 420 UI controls for HTML5 and all .NET technologies
Five powerful productivity, code quality and debugging tools for faster development
Reporting and data access

The JustDecompile API is open to the community. This means you can create your own JustDecompile extension and we will promote it in the growing Telerik community of 1,000,000+ developers. Among the extensions: Reflexil, for assembly editing and De4Dot, for deobfuscating obfuscated assemblies. Browse all available extensions on the Extensions Page. The JustDecompile Plugin Manager lets you easily download and administer your extensions right inside JustDecompile. You can download, install, uninstall, enable, disable, read license agreements or directly go to each plugins official website without ever exiting the JustDecompile UI.

Easy Assembly Management
JustDecompile quickly loads the core framework assemblies for .NET 2, .NET 3.5, .NET 4, .NET 4.5, .NET 4.5.1 WinRT Metadata and Silverlight. Loading the assemblies you want to browse is simple. Create your own custom Assembly Lists so that you dont have to load the same assemblies over and over again. JustDecompile is following all new developments in the .NET world. JustDecompile supports the new version of C# and the Windows Runtime cross-platform application architecture on Windows 8 (WinRT). Alongside WinRT support, JustDecompile now supports two new file formats APPX (which is used for packaging Windows 8 apps) and WinMD (WinRT meta data files). Plus, the Silverlight XAP decompilation works from both your local file system and the web.

Fast Code Navigation
The JustDecompile robust search method, quickly navigates to the code of interest. With the addition of Full Text Search, the search is even more comprehensive. Dialogues help you navigate to code symbols and types. Simply type the name of the object youre looking for, or take advantage of the CamelCase search.

Creates Visual Studio Projects
JustDecompile can create a Visual Studio project from a decompiled assembly. Export lost projects or obtain multiple classes without the need to copy and paste code. So youll never lose another project again.

One Engine, Three Tools
Combined with JustCode, JustDecompile allows you to decompile and navigate to code in project references. Plus, JustCode now offers the option to debug decompiled third party assemblies without ever leaving Visual Studio. Combined with JustTrace, JustDecompile will enable you to examine the source code of functions, youre profiling, right inside JustTrace even if the source code is not available.

View Decompiled Code in Tabs
With the JustDecompile tabs you can easily switch between different methods and assemblies in one JustDecompile instance. Easily see and compare the decompiled code of two different methods without leaving the user interface of your current JustDecompile instance.

Visual Studio Extension
You can decompile referenced assemblies in a Visual Studio project with the help of a JustDecompile context command, right from the Solution Explorer.

Extract Resources From Assemblies
You can save resources from assemblies by right clicking on the desired resource and saving it.

Usage Analysis
The Find Usages features will bookmark the usages of the currently selected code symbol in any of the loaded assemblies.

Command Line Support
JustDecompile has the ability to export code directly from the command prompt. For ease of use you can add %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Telerik\JustDecompile\Libraries to your Path environment variable. To generate the Visual Studio project for an assembly from the command prompt, use the command JustDecompile.exe [/lang:csharp] /out:[OutputDirectory] /target:[PathAndAssemblyName].

Integrate With Windows Explorer Context Menu
The JustDecompile Explorer context menu allows you to decompile an assembly after browsing to it in Windows Explorer, without having to open JustDecompile from the start menu.

Fastest Decompiler
JustDecompile is fast. In fact, really fast. When tested against the leading competitors, for .NET framework decompilation time, JustDecompile came out 10 times faster than the leading commercial decompiler. Try it and verify the results for yourself.

Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021 SP1 (

Visual Studio 2022 Support

We now support Visual Studio 2022, making sure your development experience will remain great when designing reports using the newest Microsoft IDE.

MSSQL Database Storage now provides an option to configure the SqlConnection CommandTimeout property

The SqlConnections CommandTimeout property in MSSQL Database Storage is now configurable through the XML and JSON configurations. MsSqlServerStorage constructor now has an overload with a commandTimeout argument.

A new endpoint "/api/reports/version" is added to the REST Service implementations

The REST Service implementations now have an endpoint that returns the version of the server-side service assembly. Useful when troubleshooting scenarios where the client and server versions mismatch.

IReportEngine interface now has a new method GetReportingVersion

The method is used internally by the REST Service implementations to return the actual version of Telerik Reporting assemblies through the /reports/version route. All custom implementations of this interface need to include this new method GetReportingVersion().

What's Improved

Display a list of recently opened reports in the main menu of Web Report Designer
WebReportDesigner now shows better UI messages in scenarios when the uploading of a report fails or gets rejected
User can switch between Grid and List views in the OpenReport dialog of Web Report Designer
An error message is now displayed when the report property SkipBlankPages is True and there is an error in the report
Increased precision in text rendering on Linux and MacOS platforms
The Report class now has a public GetDataSources() method which returns a collection with all data sources in the report definition
PathIcons in CommandBar buttons of WinUI Viewer are replaced with FontIcons to achieve icons consistent behavior in High Contrast themes
Telerik.ReportViewer.WinUI and Telerik.ReportViewer.WinUI.Themes assemblies now target AnyCPU platform
Tooltips on report contents are now displayed in WinUI Viewer

Standalone Report Designer

ReportSection's Height property allows to be reset

Web Designer

CSV wizard - Separators page, no errors are shown for invalid data
The "Add Parameter" button in DataSource wizards routes to Index.razor page in Blazor Web Report Designer
A NullReferenceException message is shown when adding a color to the ColorPalette of a Graph or Map item
ReportDesignerControllerBase.RenderPictureBoxAsync does not respect IDefinitionstorage.BaseDir
An error message "An error has occurred. NaN is not a valid value for Int32." is shown when pasting HEX color value in Background Color input
Close the open dialog when a report starts opening
Color value set as text in the input is not applied when you click on the design surface or another input
Combined width / height editors in PaperSizeEditor should not allow resetting when disabled
CSV Data Source Wizard does not allow to reset a column name
CSV Data Source Wizard does not persist the column names correctly
Data source CalculatedFields are not shown in a table wizard and explorer tree until report is saved
DateTime values are not fully visible in DateTime scale properties
Error "Could not create instance of 'JsonDataSource'. TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined" when trying to open JsonDataSource wizard and a report parameter is selected
Font alignment options are not positioned correctly in the Font editor
InstanceType editors do not have reset
Multiple reports can be selected in open dialog
Opening or creating a report after the initial report failed to load is creating a second design surface
Search in open report dialog is using "StartsWith" and not "Contains"
SQL Data Source Wizard does not preview the correct result set if the query has been changed
Switching between "Date only" and "DateTime" types in DateTimeScale shows the incorrect Date editor
The "Map Columns to Type" page in CSV Data Source Wizard does not have column name validation
The action editor fails to update its value when selecting the (none) option
The Color editor shows "undefined" labels when editing the ColorPalette of a Graph or Map item
The CSV Data Source wizard does not display the types in the "Map Columns to Type" page
The CSV DataSource wizard fails to preview when non-letter characters are used in column names
The Height property in ReportSections is not mergeable
The JSON DataSource Wizard allows to upload an external file even when an inline file is selected
The ShapeType editor contains a redundant "Choose an option" entry
The Width editor of Report item and the Height editor of ReportSection item have Reset button
Visual artifacts are shown in the Open Report dialog while the last opened report is loading
When the "Close Upload" button in Open Reports dialog is clicked, the uploaded report is not shown in the list with the available for opening reports


The generated PDF or XLS files are corrupted when the report's SkipBlankPages property is set to True and there's no data in the report


Selecting a value with no fractional part from a multivalue report parameter of type "float" throws an exception in .NET Core 3.1+ applications

WebForms Report Viewer (legacy)

The legacy ASP.NET WebForms viewer has a Path traversal vulnerability

WinUI Report Viewer

"Go to first" and "Go to last" button in High Contrast Black theme are with incorrect icon
"Processing Resources failed with error: Duplicate entry." after update of Telerik WinUI controls
Multiselect parameter editor allows entering random text rather than selecting a value from the provided list
No dialog shown when trying to export to formats Excel 97-2003, Web archive, XPS when the report is loaded from report server
The file name contains two dots before the extension when exporting to any format and the viewer is connected to a remote rendering engine
The loader's overlay text is overlapping the report contents when exporting

Visual Studio Item Templates

Additional nested Pages folder is added if you add new item for Blazor viewer or designer while having the existing Pages folder selected
The log contains misleading message, informing that a NuGet package is installed when it is not

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4
- .NET Standard 2.0
- .NET Core 3.1
- .NET 5
- .NET 6

- Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer
- Telerik Kendo UI (2015.3.1111 or later)
- jQuery (1.9.1 or higher if required by Kendo)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later) - Newtonsoft.Json (9.0.1 or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service
- ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

WinUI Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for WinUI (0.6.0)

WPF Report Viewer for .NET 6
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2021.3.1109.60) targeting .NET 6

WPF Report Viewer for .NET 5
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2021.3.1109.50) targeting .NET 5

WPF Report Viewer for .NET Core
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2021.3.1109.310) targeting .NET Core 3.1

WPF Report Viewer for .NET Framework
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2021.3.1109.40)

Silverlight Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight (2021.3.1109.1050)

Database cache ICache implementation
- Telerik Data Access ORM (2015.1.220.1)

.NET Core Reporting Engine
- SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_green (2.0.1 or later)

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