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PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5

PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5
PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5 | 27 Mb

PRO Spark 4.5 is a rapid application development (RAD) platform that will code-generate 3 out of 4 layers for your apps. All with just a single mouse click. Simply create the data model for your application, tell PRO Spark where the database is and the tool will do the rest! It's easy, quick, and powerful. PRO Spark takes care of the more mundane development tasks allowing you to develop your apps up to 4 times faster . The generated code has already been tested and conforms to the latest pattern architectures and conventions. The diagram below demonstrates the difference PRO Spark makes in your development cycle. The left side depicts development without PRO (i.e. traditional hand coding). The right side shows development with PRO giving you a huge headstart with 3 completed layers!

Works with .NET. And beyond
PRO Spark works for all .NET technologies: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Forms. But it goes beyond that: the generated REST interfaces allow non-Microsoft systems to interact with your apps including mobile devices, such as IPhone, IPad, and Android. The sky is the limit.

You can focus on what makes your app unique!
Having the bottom three layers auto-generated allows your team to focus on what makes your application unique: the front end and the user experience. The presentation layer is the best place to spend development time because it is the UI that sets your apps apart from others.

Simple and robust data models
Spark includes data modeling conventions and guidelines. Not only will this allow the code generator to build your code, it also ensures that your databases are simple, robust, and perform well. Only tables and indexes are used which simplifies data retrieval and Sql.

No need to be an expert in Spark
Spark makes it easy to get data in and out the database, even for .NET developers that are not data access experts. We've gone through great lengths to design the code's effortless operation, and we are confident that you will find Spark repositories easy to understand and easy to use.

Attractive sample application and demo
PRO Spark comes with a comprehensive sample application called Art Shop which demonstrates how the PRO Spark code-generator is used to create beautiful apps. Art Shop is an online store that sells art reproductions of famous classic artists, such as, Van Gogh, CГ©zanne, and Monet. You will often refer back to this stylish and powerful MVC application.


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