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Essentials Object Total EO.PDF 2013

Essentials Object Total EO.PDF 2013
Essentials Object Total EO.PDF 2013 | 66 Mb

EO.Pdf for .NET is a set of .NET components for you to easily create, read or modify PDF file in your Microsoft.NET application (both ASP.NET Web application and traditional Windows application). Key features include:

HTML to PDF PDF Creator API PDF Reader API PDF Page Extraction API
PDF Splitting API PDF Merging API PDF Encryption API PDF Decryption API

Core Features

Convert any valid HTML to PDF. Rendering any Url, HTML file or HTMl text the same as way your browser does but output as PDF;
Zero External Dependency. Does not depend on any Web browser on your system. Will always work regardless you install, uninstall or update your browsers;
Built-in CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 support. All CSS standards are supported. Feel free to use any CSS in your HTML code;
Built-in jаvascript Engine. All jаvascript code runs exactly the same way as they would in a browser. You can also turn jаvascript off;
Automatic and Manual Paging. The converter can automatically page the contents into multiple pages completely based on page contents or "hard page break" styles such as "page-break-before" and "page-break-after" in your HTML code;
Scale to Fit. Automatically scaling the HTML page to fit in PDF paper size, or use a fixed scaling factor (or not scaling at all);
Selectable Text and clickable Links. The generated PDF file is not a "screenshot" image. All texts in your HTML file are rendered as selectable text in PDF. All links in your HTML file are preserved;
HTTP Post and Authentication. Need to post a page or authenticate with the server? Just provide the data you wish to post or the user name and password needed to login the server;
Multiple output options. Output to a file? Output to a stream? Output to Web client? Output as a download file? Choose one that fits your need.
Work with Existing PDF File. EO.Pdf is not just a HTML to PDF converter. It is a full featured PDF SDK. It can read, merge, split, encrypt and decrypt PDF files.

EO.Pdf 2013

This build contains the following improvements/bug fixes on the previous build:
1. Added PDF attachments and portfolio supports;
2. Added Custom Font support. Now you can use @font-face to load custom font from an Url;
3. Improved transparent HTML support. Now you can render background images/text below the main HTML contents;
4. Improved HTML 5 canvas support;
5. Added MVCToPDF which allows you easily convert an ASP.NET MVC page to PDF;
6. Fixed an issue where cookies are double encoded thus causing them unusable when they reached to the server side;
7. Fixed an issue where SVG scaling is not properly handled;
8. Fixed an issue where checkbox are not correctly rendered under certain scenarios;
9. Fixed an issue where links within the same page sometimes are not correctly converted;
10. Fixed an issue where “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” occurs when merging PDF files with certain font files;
11. Enhanced code to tolerate incorrect size in the PDF file trailer dictionary;
12. Fixed an issue where linear gradient CSS background was not rendered correctly;
13. Fixed an issue where ArgumentNullException occurs with certain files in PdfDocument.Split or Clone function;
14. Fixed an issue where creating page image feature did not correctly handle clips;
15. Changed code to resave jpeg image when JpegQualityLevel is set. This allows user to apply new compression level for Jpeg images;
16. Changed code to send HTTP headers with sub resources. Previously additional HTTP headers are only sent with the main page request;
17. Fixed an issue where images are positioned incorrectly on the second page;
18. Fixed an issue where the code did not correctly handling nesting form fields;
19. Fixed an issue where the content font size is wrong under certain scenarios;
20. Fixed an issue where some HTML links are not correctly converted in the PDF file;
21. Fixed an issue where header/footer are not displayed when VisibleElements is set;
22. Fixed an issue where the code crashes when AddPostData is called;
23. Fixed an issue where the paging code did not correctly handle multiple overlapping text lines thus causing the whole text block to stay and overflow on the same page;
24. Fixed an issue where the converter takes a long time when a HTML page has an invisible HTML elements of a large size;
25. Fixed an issue where GetElementsByClassName does not return matching elements with multiple class names;
26. Fixed an issue where the converter hangs when trigger mode is set to manual and HeaderHtmlFormat/FooterHtmlFormat is set, even when the conversion trigger has been triggered by user code;
27. Changed the code to tolerate the Catalog dictionary in the PDF file missing the “Type” attribute;
28. Fixed an issue where the code did not correctly handle certain named tree in the PDF file and causes stack over flow error;


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