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Absoft Pro Fortran 2014 v14.0.3 Retail

Absoft Pro Fortran 2014 v14.0.3 Retail
Absoft Pro Fortran 2014 v14.0.3 Retail | 357 Mb

Pro Fortran 2014 v14 - A few of the new features for this release are: AWE-Chart, AWE-Plot, AWE-Form, NetCDF v4.3 & Enhanced AVX Instruction set performance. See more under "What's New" below. Pro Fortran 2014 builds faster code with Absoft's Exclusive Dynamic AP Load Balancing Technology, OpenMP 3.0 support, SMP Analyzer, Tools Plug-in, New HPC Scientific & Engineering Math Library and more.

Absoft's Pro Fortran tool suite automates building extremely fast parallel code on multi-core systems. Compiler features include: APO, IPO, PGFDO optimizers and auto vectorization, Absoft's exclusive Dynamic AP load balancing technology - performance increases up to 20% on multi-core systems, SMP graphical code analyzer and OpenMP 3.0 support, Absoft Window Environment (AWE), External Libraries and Tools Plug-in, expanded F2003 & F2008 support and enhanced Fx3 graphical debugger.

The Absoft IDE is the only commercial Fortran/C++ development environment designed by Fortran experts. It includes: programmer's editor, Absoft's SMP and Vector analyzer, Fx3 graphical debugger, SMP and MPI control features, optimized math libraries and 2D/3D graphics.

All Pro Fortran products include premier technical support directly from Absoft, Quick Fixes and Service Packs. IMSL's highly optimized numerical and statistical libraries (1000+ routines) are a low cost bundle option. Pro Fortran is a complete solution, nothing else to buy or learn - AND it generates 20% faster code!

Absoft compilers automate building parallel code
on multi-core systems. Auto-parallelization and vectorization ensures maximum application performance. A new scheduler improves performance in 32-bit environments and SSE 4*/4.2 maximizes performance on the latest AMD 32-bit - 64-bit Opteron 12-core CPUs & Intel 64-bit Core i7-980X CPUs. Examples of using auto-parallelization and improving performance with OpenMP are included in the documentation. Scalapack and BLACS libraries are included for enhanced MPI support.
Includes the only Fortran IDE designed by Fortran experts. Absoft simplifies code development by solving the problems associated with IDEs such as Visual Studio and Xcode - excellent for C++, but with no knowledge of Fortran. The Absoft Fortran IDE supports both Fortran and C and automatically provides proper syntax sensitivity, array indexing, etc. for each language. It includes everything you need: F95 Fortran compilers, programmer's editor, Fx3 graphical debugger, application framework, graphics and optimized math libraries in a single, easy-to-use package.

Single Solution - Linux, Windows and MacOS. Simplify code development for multiple platforms. Absoft provides same look and feel on every platform and allows you to build native applications for Linux, Windows and Mac from a single code base! Absoft's exclusive MaxFlex license manager allows a single license to float across Linux/Windows/Mac, saving you time and money.

New in Pro Fortran 2014

Enhanced AVX Instruction set performance
Upgraded AWE environment including AWE-Chart, AWE-Plot and AWE-Form.
Expanded F2003 & F2008 support
Support for 999 continuation lines
Fully Windows 8.1 certified
F2003 - PROCEDURE pointers
F2003 - enhanced TYPE initialization
F2003 - POINTER bounds remapping
F2008 - BESSEL_J0,BESSEL_J1, and BESSEL_JN intrinsics
F2008 - BESSEL_Y0,BESSEL_Y1, and BESSEL_YN intrinsics
F2008 - BGE,BGT,BLE, and BLT intrinsics
F2008 - DSHIFTL and DSHIFTR intrinsics
F2008 - SHIFTA, SHIFTL and SHIFTR intrinsics
F2008 - MASKL, MASKR and MERGE_BITS intrinsics
F2008 - EFC_SCALED, GAMMA and LOG_GAMMA intrinsics
F2008 - EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE intrinsic
F2008 - IS_IOSTAT_END and IS_IOSTAT_EOF intrinsics
F2008 - SELECTED_CHAR_KIND intrinsic

New & Updated Libraries Package includes:

NetCDF version 4.3 (new!)
HDF4 version 4.2.8 (updated)
HDF5 version 1.8.9 (updated)
PLPlot version 5.9.9 (updated)



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