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Pika Software Builder

Pika Software Builder
Pika Software Builder | 14 Mb

Pika Software Builder is a Windows application development tool for beginners and professionals alike. Create your project using the WYSIWYG designer and export your app as a native Win32 executable. With Pika, database support comes standard: build apps that interact with your Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database.

What is Pika Software Builder?
Pika Software Builder (PSB) is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool for Windows. Its WYSIWYG form editor allows for the effortless building of application interfaces. Add advanced capabilities to your apps with Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database support.

PSB Goals
Pika is targeted at both novices and experts. Novices are offered a user friendly introduction into the world of programming and software development. Experts take advantage of the powerful Delphi-like pascal scripting language.

Intuitive - WYSIWYG plus drag-and-drop capabilities.
Kick Start - choose from several templates to get you going.
Better. Faster. Easier. - your apps take full advantage of hardware accelleration.
Compatibility - Programs created with Pika run effortlessly on Windows XP, 7 and 8.
Security - executable files built with Pika can't be altered by malicious software.

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