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B4i 2.50 Retail

B4i 2.50 Retail
B4i 2.50 Retail | 11 Mb

B4i allows you to easily develop native iOS apps. B4i follows the same concepts as B4A, allowing you to reuse most of the code and build apps for both Android and iOS. This is the only development tool that allows you to develop native iOS apps without a local Mac computer.

Apple developer account (costs $99 per year).
An iOS device running iOS 7+.
The compilation process requires a Mac computer. You can either use a local Mac computer or use our Hosted Mac Builder service (currently costs $26 per year).
Note that if you use a local Mac computer then you can develop with the iOS simulator which does not require an Apple developer account.

Hosted Mac Builder
The builder service allows you to develop iOS applications without a local Mac computer.
All of the development steps can be done with the builder service including the final step which is uploading the application to Apple App Store.
Note that the builder is currently limited to projects of up to 40mb.

If you are less experienced with Mac OS then it is recommended to start with the hosted builder even if you have access to a local Mac computer.

DBRequestManager (RDC)

ActionSheet allows the user to select an item from a list of items.
On iPhone devices the list usually slides up from the bottom of the screen.
On iPad devices the list appears anchored to the ParentView.
The list can optionally show a "cancel" item and a "destructive" item. These items will show with a different color.


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