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AS3 Sorcerer version 4.78

AS3 Sorcerer version 4.78
AS3 Sorcerer version 4.78 | 6 Mb

AS3 Sorcerer is an AS3 decompiler for Windows. With AS3 Sorcerer, you can open Flash (SWF) files and see decompiled Action Script 3 (AS3) code. You can easily save the decompiled script to a single text file or into a folder structure. AS3 Sorcerer also shows vital Flash file information such as contents of the SWF header, Metadata and FileAttributes tags.

You can use AS3 Sorcerer to examine AS3 class scripts in a Flash file, for learning purposes or for recovering your work if the source is lost (AS1/2 scripts are not supported). Easy to use and affordable, AS3 sorcerer is a must-have tool for any AS3 developer.

Shares Advanced AS3 Decompile Engine with ASV.
AS3 Sorcerer shares the advanced decompile engine with its big brother ASV (Action Script Viewer).

Decompiler options are not exposed, but reasonable defaults are assumed.

AS3 Sorcerer can bypass many obfuscations, but obviously not all of them. Also the decompile engine, while advanced and quite capable, is not perfect. Fortunately, you can test the results using AS3 Sorcerer in Trial Mode before making any purchase.

Simple and Easy to use.
AS3 Sorcerer is designed to be very easy to use. Focused design and simple interface make using AS3 Sorcerer a breeze.

Fast. Very Fast.
AS3 Sorcerer is lightning fast in opening, parsing and decompiling SWF files.

Functional trial.
Until you purchase your license, AS3 Sorcerer runs in trial mode. Trial mode is not the same as licensed mode, but core decompile functionality is not limited in trial mode.

AS3 Sorcerer is quite affordable. Now, you don't have an excuse for not paying for the license...

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