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Basic4Android Libraries October 2016

Basic4Android Libraries October 2016
Basic4Android Libraries October 2016 | 121 Mb

This library contains several modal, that is blocking, dialogs by which the user can enter data.... of this in the overall library help in the xml. This can also occur with the Basic4android modal dialogs...

NotificationListener library
Remote Database Connector
ContentProvider library
ContactsUtils class - Provides read / write access to the stored contacts
Net library - Supports SMTP, FTP and POP3
WifiDirect library
JSch library - SFTP protocol (Secured File Transfer Protocol)
AdMob - v1.36 - AdMob ads
Analytics library - Google Analytics V3
CameraEx - CameraEx class extends the camera functionality
CustomListView class - A flexible list based on ScrollView
AsyncStreamsObject (class) - Send and receive objects instead of bytes
DateUtils - Date and time related methods
DBUtils code module - Database utilities
JTidy - Convert HTML pages to XML
Excel library
GamePad class - Multitouch gamepad
Google Maps library
HttpServer library
HttpUtils2 class + service - Simple web services framework
InAppBilling3 v1.00 - Google Play In-app Billing service
KeyValueStore class - Key / value data store
AsyncStreamsText class
Licensing library v1.10 - Protect your application
PayPal MPL wrapper
OAuth library - OAuth protocol
RandomAccessFile v1.60
SearchView class - More powerful alternative to AutoCompleteEditText
Dropbox Sync library
AnotherDatePicker class - "web style" date picker
SMB v1.1 - SMB / CIFS (Microsoft Windows Network)
SQLCipher v1.0 - Encrypted databases
TableView class
Tap For Tap - Wrapper for TapForTap ads network
XMLBuilder v1.00 - Wrapper for java-xmlbuilder project
YouTube library
UsbSerial v2.3
SpeakButton (custom view)
AutoTextSizeLabel (custom view)
Geodesic class - Convert Lat / Lon and UTM coordinates
ImageDownloader Service - Simple way to efficiently download multiple images
XmlLayoutBuilder library - Load Xml layout files

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