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sevInput (ActiveX 32-bit)

sevInput (ActiveX 32-bit)
sevInput (ActiveX 32-bit) | 1 Mb

A single input control for all required input variants (date, time, counter, IP address, etc.) with integrated pop-up dialogues (phrases, calendars, calculators). On request, the control can also be transformed into a MultiColumn ComboBox with DB connection, into a drop-down list or into an ImageComboBox! And all that modern flat look & feel!

A single input control for all required input formats!
With sevEinput 3.0 we have created a TextBox that meets the demands of daily programming practice. With just a single control, you can now create input fields for text input, date and time inputs, counters, amount entries, IP address entry and subnet mask. Furthermore, a formatted user input can be defined via the Mask property. sevInput also has a built-in permanent calendar, calculator, phrases dialog and file / folder selection dialog. These dialogs can be activated either by pressing a button or by a graphical symbol button and are displayed as a pop-up directly below / above the input control panel.

TextBox, Multi-Column ComboBox, DropDown List or ImageBox?
All this does not pose a problem for sevInput. If desired, a SingleLine TextBox can be transformed into a MultiLine TextBox, a multi-column ComboBox, a DropDownList or even an ImageComboBox - even at runtime! Furthermore, sevEingabe has a direct database connection, ie the contents of the ComboBox / DropDown list can optionally be linked to a DAO / ADO recordset so that you no longer have to worry about "filling" the ComboBox.

No identifier fields (labels) anymore?
If you use the sev input control, you no longer need any additional label fields (label controls)! The label to the left of the TextBox automatically takes over the control - if desired. And if an additional text should be displayed to the right of the TextBox, this also poses no problem for sevInput. How? On the far left should a CheckBox be displayed? Just set the CheckBox property to True :-)

Visually appealing and modern should be a TextBox!
sevInput can be displayed in a modern, flat look and feel. The integrated dialogs adapt automatically. the established style. For the additional labels even a background color gradient can be set. The TextBox frame can also be customized. The choices are: None (no frame), Single (simple frame), Underline (line below the TextBox) or RoundEdge (frame with rounded corners).

sevMonthView - the monthly
calendar In addition to the sevTextBox control, sevEingabe also includes another control: the sevMonthView control for displaying a monthly calendar in a more modern style. For example, to mark holiday days in a certain month, individual days can be specifically highlighted in color.

German, English or ...?
sevInput can be used either in German or in English. But any other language is supported by the targeted use of voice INI files. The settings for date format, currency code, decimal and thousands separator are read out of the system settings, but can also be individually set globally for the entire project at runtime.

sevInput conversion program
The installation scope of sevEingabe also includes a conversion program that analyzes your existing VB projects and automatically automates the VB standard controls (TextBox / ComboBox). and replaced without your intervention by the new sevEinput Control.


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