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XlineSoft PHPRunner MassMailer v2

XlineSoft PHPRunner MassMailer v2
XlineSoft PHPRunner MassMailer v2

This template is designed to perform two common emails tasks:

Send email newsletters
Send daily, weekly or hourly emails. Perfect for billing reminders or daily reports

System requirements

MassMailer template requires PHP 5.3 or better
Supported databases are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre
Setup instructions

1. Make sure you specified correct SMTP settings in PHPRunner project. SMTP settings can be found under Miscellaneous->Email settings.

2. Create a new task. For one off tasks like email newsletter choose Interval Type 'manual'. For recurring tasks like daily reports choose Interval Type like 'day'.

3. Enter SQL Query, make sure it returns correct data. Populate email fields like 'To', 'Subject' and 'Email body'. Preview your email. Send test email. If everything looks good save your task.

4. Schedule a cron job to run cron.php page once a day or once an hour.

If your website runs on Linux web server and you have access to crontab file you have two options here.

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