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The JSON Schema standard is used to describe any data format for JSON in a similar way XML Schema is used for XML. At the same time JSON Schema provides a human- and machine-readable documentation for JSON content. The standard supports complete structural validation as well as data type checking. JSON Schema is also often used to validate client-submitted data especially for JSON based web services.

Fix all validation errors with the built-in JSON editor

Use the JSON validator to find all validation or well-formed errors at once.
Open any JSON data in the editor.
Jump-to-error functionality to quickly fix parsing or validation errors.
Rich editor environment with syntax-coloring, code folding, copy-paste, find and replace, JSON Pointer evaluation and other standard editing capabilities.

Validate any number of JSON documents in less time

Run JSON well-formed checks for multiple documents directly from the built-in File Explorer.
Create batch tasks to run the validator for a huge collections of JSON documents against a JSON definition.
Get detailed log files about the validation status of your JSON data.
Run the JSON validator as scheduled task using the included command-line tool.
Learn more about the JSON batch validator

What makes JSONBuddy the best editor for JSON schema?

Validator for JSON Schemas to simplify schema creation.
Ensure your JSON type definitions are error free with a single click.
Live generation of JSON sample data while editing a schema.
Instant access to the JSON schema library available at schemastore.org
Browse the complete JSON schema specification as interactive text.
Supports the popular Draft 4 of the standard.
JSON validator and editor as one tool.

The complete JSON schema specification as interactive help-text

JSONBuddy displays the text of the full JSON schema specification for every keyword if you hover the mouse over it. This helps a lot if you are not sure about the definition or purpose of any JSON schema keyword and increases productivity. The JSON schema specification is well written and gives a good idea when and how a keyword shall be used. So it is a big help if you have it available directly in your editor.

You can also validate your JSON schema document in JSONBuddy with a single click. Just use the "Validate against JSON schema" command (usually F11) to validate your schema in the editor.

Live preview of JSON schema sample data

The editor will immediately start to generate a live preview of JSON sample data matching the current schema definitions. This sample data is then shown in the Preview pane. You can see the generated JSON data with the section highlighted, which is related to the schema part currently selected in the editor window. The sample data is automatically updated in the background if the schema is modified.

You can also create a new document with the current JSON sample data with the “JSON | Generate sample document from JSON schema” command.

Convenient authoring of JSON Schema with
syntax-coloring, auto-completion and folding

JSON Schema specific syntax-coloring for unmatched readability.
Intelligent auto-completion. Create JSON type definitions in less time.
Auto-completion list contains JSON Schema keywords by default.
Increased overview of your JSON Schema with code folding.
Use code folding to collapse and expand sections of your JSON content.
Complete JSON schema editor for Windows В®

A feature rich JSON Schema editor

Create JSON Schemas for Web services in less time.
Add references to your schema with the built-in JSON Pointer evaluator.
Use the JSON schema validator to test any number of documents.
Design JSON schemas with extra syntax-coloring features and auto-completion.
Standard editor functionalities like copy-paste and find-replace with support for regular expressions.
Create HTML documentation of JSON data.

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