Crack - SmarterTrack is an online help desk that allows you to improve customer service while better utilizing employees and lowering

SmarterTrack 100.0.7034

SmarterTrack 100.0.7034
SmarterTrack 100.0.7034

SmarterTrack is an online help desk that allows you to improve customer service while better utilizing employees and lowering your overall support costs. Deliver unparalleled customer care using an email ticketing system, live chat and VoIP integration. Plus, SmarterTrack has a self service portal that includes a complete knowledge base and an online community for user-to-user interaction.

Perfect for Any Business
Whether you’re a sole proprietor or enterprise organization, SmarterTrack offers a suite of tools that can help you improve and maintain exceptional customer service. From ticketing to live chat, self-service features to task management, everything is available for you and the people you serve.

Whether issues are submitted through email or via the customer-facing portal, live chat from your website or when customers call, SmarterTrack allows team members to begin conversations with end users however those users want and are most comfortable using.

Converse From Anywhere
SmarterTrack’s interface is supported on all modern mobile and desktop browsers. That means your agents have the ability to initiate or participate in conversations with your customers, managers can monitor SLAs and administrators can review reports and make any necessary adjustments from anywhere at any time.

Email Conversations
Email is a common way for users to contact agents or contact can be started from the customer-facing portal. SmarterTrack allows companies to use their own email servers and accounts for receiving and replying to any correspondence sent in by users. All conversations display their full history, can be related to other conversations, live chats, tasks and call logs, allow agents to add internal comments, can include attachments and more.

Live Chat
Immediate, instantaneous conversations via live chat can help businesses reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and caters to customer preferences. It also increases service levels efficiently without increasing cost. As more and more people turn to live chat as their preferred means of communication, having chat capabilities on your website, in your shopping cart and anywhere your users are is the ideal customer service solution.

Phone Support
Whether you’re using legacy analog phones, a VoIP system or SmarterTrack Communicator -- our fully integrated, SIP-compliant softphone -- it’s easy to track and log phone calls, associate calls to tickets and more. Phone conversations are still productive and favored by many people so having the ability to centralize that conversation, along with tickets and live chats, is important when striving for exceptional customer service.

Who’s On
Use SmarterTrack’s Who’s On feature to see where users are when they’re visiting your website, viewing products, beginning the check out process and more. Use SmarterTrack’s event system to initiate live chats with users when they hit a specific page of your site, such as the checkout page, and offer assistance or answer questions that may otherwise cause users to abandon the shopping process.

Agent Specialization
Using SmarterTrack’s powerful events system, all conversations, whether started via email, the portal or via live chat, can be routed to specific agents based on customer language preference, an agent’s area of expertise, if the conversation is started by a VIP and more. Conversations can also be escalated to other groups based on SLAs put in place by department managers.

Flexible Distribution
Managers can set up the proper method of distribution for each agent in a group. For example, some agents can receive conversations automatically using a round robin distribution method while other agents can “cherry pick”, or pull from the queue. Limits per agent can be put in place as well -- total max tickets, number of concurrent live chats -- so agents aren’t overwhelmed, regardless of the distribution method used. Agents can also be categorized as “Primary” or “Secondary”: that means more experienced agents can be in the primary group and receive the bulk of the communications while junior agents can be in the secondary group so they only receive the overflow.

Get Assistance
Apart from helping end users, agents sometimes require assistance themselves. SmarterTrack includes things like live chat coaching, where a manager or other agent can assist an agent in an active live chat, offering suggestions, providing links or other information to help the agent better interact with a customer. SmarterTrack also offers Chat Rooms, where agents across multiple departments can get together to discuss issues or stay updated on where specific features and/or changes are being released, and internal Live Chat, where agents can start conversations with other agents to follow up on issues, find out details on a specific customer and more.

Form Builder
Gathering information from customers can be a real headache. While it's possible to use custom fields and build ticket or live chat templates to extract information at the start of a conversation, that can make those templates unwieldy and difficult for customers to fill out. That's where SmarterTrack's form builder comes in. Create forms that can be sent to customers right within a ticket response. Forms can be built to gather product information, account information, or any other information necessary for the successful resolution of a customer issue or to answer specific customer questions. Forms are associated directly with the ticket, and with the customer, so that information stays with the customer throughout their interaction.

International Support
SmarterTrack as a whole is fully internationalized. Several foreign languages are supported at install, and language files are provided and available once SmarterTrack is up and running. Agents can also select their own preferred language so they can help users in their native tongue. It’s also possible to set translatable strings for those words that may not be part of the installation or that aren’t provided as part of the installed language packs.

Customize Agents
For that little bit extra to set your customer service apart, it’s possible to set up agents using custom display names, agent avatars or even create separate signatures, by department, so users know exactly whom they’re conversing with.

Inline Resolutions
Templates used for submitting tickets through the portal or for starting live chats can be set up so that suggested articles from your knowledge base are shown before the conversation starts, potentially solving the problem before it reaches your agents.

Custom Fields
If additional information is needed, custom fields can be created and added to any ticket or live chat template. For example, gather product information, software version number or critical contact information at the beginning of the conversation.

Build 7034 (Apr 5, 2019)
Changed: Groups and Departments will now be purged from the database 90 days after deletion.
Fixed: Attempting to save a comment while creating a new user results in an Oops! error.
Fixed: Group delete confirmation not asking what to do with associated items.
Fixed: Mobile styling of the 'Employee post' Community tag.
Fixed: Repeatedly visiting the Licensing page can cause duplicate warning modals.
Fixed: Text editors on the Community are not properly focusing on click.
Fixed: The ticket number can become duplicated in the ticket subject.
Fixed: Ticket Comments are being sorted in reverse order.
Fixed: When a user edit is saved, the preview pane is not updated.
Fixed: When creating a call log, selecting a group that has custom fields doesn't resize the editor.

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