Meteor Modeler ORM Design Tool v1.6.0

Meteor Modeler ORM Design Tool v1.6.0

Meteor Modeler ORM Design Tool v1.6.0
Meteor Modeler ORM Design Tool v1.6.0

A diagram can give you a clear model of your data structure and help you recognize errors. It's like a blueprint to your house. You know what you are building, how to connect the pieces and you have the necessary documentation. It allows all your team members or clients to understand the relations among collections and documents in an effective manner. Draw database structures and generate code. Avoid typos, make changes quickly.

Sequelize modeling
Manage Sequelize structures in Projects
Create Sequelize models graphically
Specify fields, keys and indexes
Define model and fields specifics
Draw BelongsTo, BelongsToMany, HasOne and HasMany associations.

Diagram enhancements
Colorize models
Add notes in HTML format, include pictures
Configure Default values for new models
Add UUID fields to new models automatically
Display metadata, sample data or descriptions

UI & Themes
Always sharp vector based graphics
Switch between LIGHT and DARK themes
Use UNDO and revert changes comfortably
Toggle basic/advanced line mode
Show or hide side panels to maximize diagram area
Zoom in, zoom out and reset UI zoom

Sequelize script generation
Generate sequelize scripts for single model or project
Generate module scripts with Associations code
Save sequelize scripts to separete files
Edit properties in side panel or in modals
Add custom code to BEFORE and AFTER sections

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