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Dbi-Tech Calendar COM 64

Dbi-Tech Calendar COM 64
Dbi-Tech Calendar COM 64

Easy to code, comes with great functionality, flexibility for developers to design and present data the way they need.

ctxCalendar - Three ActiveX Appointment Scheduling Components in One Control!

3 Views >> Monthly Calendar View ● Multi Column Day View ● Week View
ActiveX >> 32 Bit and 64 Bit Development Controls
Create >> Outlook / Office 365 Style Presentations
Data >> Consume Data from Any Source - Once
Data Display >> Appointment ● Contact ● Location ● Task - In Three Views

Multi Column Day View

A Multi Column Day View with incredible dexterity for displaying Contact, Date, Location and Task details in almost any combination and permutation across a time scale of your choosing!

Variable Time Scale
Time is a constant factor. Present and schedule Appointments, Contacts (resources), Locations, Tasks as you need along any increment of time from 1 minute to 60 minutes or any combination in between.
Multi-Column Day View Sorting
Sort by Contact
Sort by Day
Sort by Location
Integrated, Variable increment Time Scale
Multiple Time Zone support.
Direct, inline appointment editing.

Multi-Column Grouping
by Date by Contact
by Date by Location
by Date by Task
by Contact by Date
by Contact by Location
by Contact by Task
by Location by Date
by Location by Contact
by Location by Task
by Task by Date
by Task by Contact
by Task by Location

Week View

Week, Work Week, School Week, 7 Day Calendar -- Select the Week View for a 7 day conventional calendar. In a quick glance, end-users can see what is planned for an entire week.

Easily create a calendar that can manage appointments arranged by day, week, work week, or month

Custom Appointment Dialogues
Day Format Class Styles
Appointment Objects for all Views
Week View - ctxCalendar - Studio Controls COM 64
Convenient icons may be displayed from the internal Image List or programmatically from your own image source.

Appointment Object

Appointment background image
Appointment border
Appointment reminder image
Appointment shadow
Appointment task bar color
Appointment task bar image

Calendar View

Display conventional style monthly calendars giving end-users the ability to see what's scheduled and available in a quick glance. Apply current Windows and Office styles and themes or corporate branding.

Configure a Month Calendar with Week presentations of 3 to 6 weeks formats.
Highlight weekend days
Multiple Time Zones
12 or 24 Hour Clock
Control Background Image
Synchronize Multiple Instances
Drag and Drop Scheduling
Built-in XML Read / Write support
Built-in Reporting
TimeLine / Virtical Scroll Bar set Visible
Built-in Printing
Define custom areas - Multi-Column View

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