xlCompare v7.1.9 Cracked

xlCompare v7.1.9

xlCompare v7.1.9
xlCompare v7.1.9

Perform various operations with data on your worksheets in a seconds. xlCompare has a number of functions from Comparing, Merging and Updating records to Debuging Calculations in your workbook.

Why xlCompare?
Set of unique functions, present in our product, makes it most feature-rich Excel Workbook Comparison software.

Look into the History of Changes and Features List. Every day our engineers work on the progam code, add new features and make the software more faster and reliable!

xlCompare is able to solve all spreadsheet comparison tasks you encouter on the daily basis. Every user of Microsoft Excel will find useful functions in our product.

Compare, Update and Merge Databases
Merging of 2 tables never was so easy and quick!

Find added and deleted rows and columns, find updated cells. Filter and highlight duplicate and redundant records. Our product has very long list of the commands you can use.

Compare and Merge Formulas
If you are working on the complex Financial Model, or workbook with large number of calculations - xlCompare is an ideal solution for you. Find what was changed between versions of your software and research calculations and errors.

Compare and Merge Visual Basic Projects
If you are VBA developer, you will be surprised, that xlCompare processes not only Code Modules, but Forms and Controls also.

Resolve conflists in One Click!
All Merge Commands are intuitive and easy to use. Update rows one-by-one in the manual mode or using Bulk Commands. For all common operations, xlCompare has one click commands.

Version Control for your Spreadsheets
Integrate xlCompare into version control software by using Command Line mode. Use it to view and resolve conflicts between versions of your workbooks.

Manage xlCompare by VBA macros
Write Visual Basic macro to prepare your data for comparison or to manage xlCompare and automate your daily tasks.

There is nothing impossible for xlCompare!
xlCompare is powered by our own Spreadsheet Core engine. We can implement ANY feature, which is not present or not possible in Excel. For example, look into Formula Evaluation Tool, included into xlCompare:

Database Management commands
Filter values on the worksheet

Filter by Key - leave only records with this value of of primary key and hide all other ones.
Filter by Value - filter selected column for the selected value.
Filter Errors - leave only rows with error values, like #N\A, #DIV0, #NAME, etc.

Find and remove Duplicates
Filter Duplicate Keys - display only rows with duplicate Primary Keys.
Hide Duplicated Keys - hide all rows with duplicated keys (records are not deleted).
Filter Duplicate Rows - leave only rows which has exact copy on this worksheet.
Hide Duplicate Rows - hide rows which have duplicates.

Manage Filtered Records
Cancel Filter - display all hidden rows.
Hide by Keys - hide all rows with selected primary key.
Hide\Unhide Rows - hide or unhide rows manually on this worksheet.
Invert Rows - invert "hidden" property on the every row.

Sort Records
Sort records on the worksheet.
Manage Primary Keys in all opened workbooks.

Compare Files from Command Line
Run Visual Basic script from the command line.
This powerful feature allows to perform any action in the command line mode, that could be programmed. It is suitable for complex cases, for example: when you need to compare several files at one run. Only a small set of the possible actions is described below:
Load and analyse worksheet data
Preprocess worksheet data before comparison (for example combine several values into one cell)
Modify cells, Recalculate your workbook
Compare worksheets
Get Comparison Report
Analyse Report or save it on disk, send by e-mail, etc.
Produce single Comparison Report for folder or set of folders
Usual command line mode.
Pass your workbooks to xlCompare and get results in the form of worksheet or text file. This is quick and easy way is good for version control utilities. For example, for intergration with SVN.

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