LibXL for Windows 3.8.7 Retail

LibXL for Windows 3.8.7 Retail

LibXL for Windows 3.8.7 Retail
LibXL for Windows 3.8.7 Retail

LibXL is a library that can read and write Excel files. It doesn't require Microsoft Excel and .NET framework, combines an easy to use and powerful features. Library can be used to

Generate a new spreadsheet from scratch
Extract data from an existing spreadsheet
Edit an existing spreadsheet

LibXL can help your applications in exporting and extracting data to/from Excel files with minimum effort. Also it can be used as report engine. Library can be used in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Fortran and other languages. Supports Excel 97-2003 binary formats (xls) and Excel 2007-2013 xml formats (xlsx/xlsm). Supports Unicode and 64-bit platforms. There are a wrapper for .NET developers and separate Linux, Mac and iOS editions. See features of the library in demo.xls or demo.xlsx files.

Simple interoperate, no more Excel dependency
LibXL has C/C++ headers, Delphi unit and .NET assembly for including in your project. No OLE automation.

Customizing the look and feel
LibXL supports numerous formatting options: alignments, borders, colors, fill patterns, fonts, merging cells and so on.

High performance
Writing speed is about 2 100 000 cells per second for numbers and 240 000 cells per second for 8-character random strings in binary xls format (CPU 3.2 GHz).

Royalty-free distribution with your application
Our customers can use this library in theirs commercial applications without any fees.

Version 3.8.7 (2019-11-13)
fixed a critical bug from the version 3.8.6 with loading some xlsx files (please do not use the version 3.8.6)

Code example: generate a new spreadsheet from scratch
class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
            Book book = new BinBook(); // use XmlBook() for xlsx
            Sheet sheet = book.addSheet("Sheet1");
            sheet.writeStr(2, 1, "Hello, World !");
            sheet.writeNum(3, 1, 1000);
        catch (System.Exception e)

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