SpreadsheetConverter Pro v10.4.7996 with additional flavors + Crack + Serial

SpreadsheetConverter Pro v10.4.7996 with additional flavors

SpreadsheetConverter Pro v10.4.7996 with additional flavors
SpreadsheetConverter Pro v10.4.7996 with additional flavors

Convert Excel spreadsheets to calculating web pages. With this powerful add-in for Excel, you can convert spreadsheets to modern web pages with functionality that would be very costly to develop with the help of a professional web designer. Help your users buy the right volume of seeds for their garden, select the best printer or order 200 customize rubber tubes.

Create smart web forms. Design the perfect mobile data entry form in Excel with calculated totals, weights, and volumes. SpreadsheetConverter appears as an extra menu in Excel where you can add graphical widgets and other important form elements to your design. Receive submitted forms via e-mail or in a cloud database.

Compile any Excel spreadsheet into a powerful web app. Help a building engineer complete a safety survey directly on-site. Calculate your server’s power and cooling figures on your iPhone while your customer gets her car.

It helps you make the right decisions
Making the right decision requires that you know the facts, and understand them. We help you collect facts and visualize them, directly on a web page.

With SpreadsheetConverter, everything on the web page is live. Change a value and everything changes. Even the charts are live. There is no return to pocket calculators and paper forms.

The web page responds immediately as you type things into it. All calculations and validations are performed in real-time as you proceed from cell to cell. If you want to, we do all of this directly in your device – there is no need for network traffic.

So now you’ll have all the information you need, in no time at all!

It makes you more efficient
With paper forms, everything takes time: print them, distribute them, collect them, key them in, validate them, correct them, process them. So much manual labor!

With SpreadsheetConverter, you create electronic forms that aren’t just fill-in-the-fields. Every input cell can be validated directly when data is entered into it. Cells can send data between one another, using the familiar Excel formulas you’ve been using for years. You can sum, divide, subtract and multiply to your liking.

In fact, you can even use most of Excel’s built-in formulas to calculate values live, already while data is entered into the form. Sum the cost of all items in a column, average grades or look-up product names or weights.

When everything in the form is filled in, everything is also correct and complete, already before the form is sent to you. Talk about efficiency!

It helps you grow faster
Your web forms must be sent to you for processing, so we’ll send them to you by e-mail, for free. Yes, basic form-to-Inbox processing is included in the one-time license fee for SpreadsheetConverter.

But for anything but very small volumes, we know you’d prefer to have forms accumulated in a database. You want to download all of them at once, or at the end of each day, and process them in a batch – or even feed them directly into your order/invoice program.

Hm. Setting up a database, feeding forms into it, retrieving forms from a database – sounds like an interesting day (or month) for a highly skilled web programmer.

Not this time. For a small monthly fee, we’ll receive and store all the forms for you, and prepare them for download whenever you want, wherever you are.

So now you can handle any volume of incoming forms, without a single line of programming!

It makes you more creative
Using electronic forms enables you to use the latest inventions in man-machine interaction. Don’t write a date – pick one from a calendar. Don’t list the things you need, tick the checkboxes next to the items you want.

And the list goes on: SpreadsheetConverter provides single- or multichoice menus, sliders, an unlimited number of text fields in any size or shape you like, it even provides a Ratings widget that makes it easy to rate products or services.

With this new toolbox you are free to create nearly any web-based, forms-driven secure document flow you can think of. Enter expense reports from anywhere in the world. Create electronic course evaluation forms that can handle thousands of students every month. Take the risk of running a customer satisfaction survey. Publish your order form on the web. Start using a structured job application form. There is no end to it.

It makes you look good
Remember when you built web pages the old way, with fields and columns that weren’t aligned and images that didn’t appear exactly where you wanted them to? No more of that.

With SpreadsheetConverter, you build a good-looking spreadsheet first. You use Excel to drag the rows and columns to the widths you like, specify the number of decimals for each value and add a currency or percent sign if needed.

SpreadsheetConverter understands all this and brings it all over to the web page it builds for you from the spreadsheet. Incidentally, it also copies the typefaces, text sizes, colors, borders, images – well, you understand: the modern web page you get looks even better than the Excel spreadsheet it was converted from.

Some properties of the web page cannot be set in Excel, so we added a Theme Designer to help you create your own personal or corporate color schemes.

It follows you whereever you go
Business calculation and forms handling is by no means confined to offices with keyboards. More and more electronic information is processed on the go, using smartphones like the iPhone, or with Android.

With SpreadsheetConverter, you can design powerful web applications for portable devices in no time, just using your Excel skills. The web design is responsive and automatically adapts to the screen- portrait or landscape, narrow or wide.

You can collect data at the source, build tailor-made business or technical calculators, create product selection or configuration tools – the list is long. Just build it and we’ll port it to any smartphone, pad or tablet computer, whether it moves or not.

It helps you save money
There are no Excel licenses to pay
Many people in your organization never create a spreadsheet, but they still need an Excel license just to run spreadsheets created by others. With SpreadsheetConverter, everything is stored in the web page. Anyone can use the web page you’ve created, whether they have Excel or not. It’s just not needed anymore!

There are no hidden charges or limitations
We charge a small one-time fee for the conversion tool itself. That’s it. Provide any number of spreadsheets to any number of visitors at no extra charge.

There is no need for programming
SpreadsheetConverter helps you create web pages that are so advanced, it would take months for a professional programmer to build them by hand.

All the formulas in the spreadsheet are replaced by stable, tested, standard pieces of program code that we’ve been providing since 2002. There are no errors, so there is no need for testing, bug fixing or corrections.

There are no delays
It takes only seconds to download and show the web forms created by SpreadsheetConverter. With a well-tuned web server, a typical spreadsheet downloads faster than the first page of your favorite newspaper website. We don’t need to download any additional programs or plug-ins, which is why we can offer such rapid response. Even in a handheld computer or over a modem connection, a visitor to your website will see your form within seconds.

Make the right decision in less time
You also cost a lot. More when you make poor decisions than when you make good ones. And a lot more when you have to waste time on tedious work that computers do better. SpreadsheetConverter enables you to focus on things that take a human to do right, and relieves you of chores that machines should have been handling long ago.

Our basic product converts Excel spreadsheets to HTML with embedded jаvascript that can be used with any web server. The smartphone version converts Excel for iPhone and Android. For developers, there are special server products that generate program code for Node.js web servers.

SpreadsheetConverter creates web pages that mimic the behavior of Excel spreadsheets. Depending on the requirements, the calculation of the formulas in the spreadsheet can be performed either in the web browser or on a web server. The converted web page itself looks exactly the same regardless of what flavor of SpreadsheetConverter you used to create it.

Running the formulas in the web browser
If the spreadsheet formulas are calculated in the web browser, the whole spreadsheet can be placed very neatly in one single package sent to the browser.

This is normally the fastest method, since there is no network communication after the web page has been downloaded to the browser.
All cell values can be updated immediately after leaving an input field.
The web page can be served from any web server, there are no special dependencies on the web server whatsoever.
Since the server is not involved in the rendering of the web page, performance is only limited by each user’s technical environment.
The web page can be used offline, even if you’re not connected to the Internet.
Client-side calculations can be slow for large spreadsheets with many formulas.
The web page contains all the programming code that performs the formula calculations. This makes can make the download slower. It can also impact the use of the spreadsheet with smaller devices like handheld computers or smartphones.
The web page cannot interact dynamically with databases and other real-time data sources on the server.
SpreadsheetConverter HTML
SpreadsheetConverter HTML converts an Excel spreadsheet into an HTML web page that uses embedded jаvascript code to calculate the formulas. You don’t need any programming or web design skills to use SpreadsheetConverter HTML. The result of the conversion is a portable web calculator or smart form that works on all devices and fluidly adapts to the screen size of any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android
SpreadsheetConverter iPhone/Android is a specialized app-builder that converts an Excel spreadsheet for iPhone and Android smartphones. Mobile calculators can be used also when the smartphone is offline, and your electronic forms are automatically stored until the phone is online again.

With SpreadsheetConverter, anyone can create a calculating order form that can be automatically sent to your order desk just like with a web shop. If you get a lot of electronic forms for post-processing, things will be much simpler if you use the Advanced Submit Service to save the forms in a cloud database as they arrive.

When the user presses the Submit button in one of your web forms, the form’s contents are sent as an e-mail to your Inbox. Our forms-processing services require no installation, no programming skills and no configuration of your website. Once you upload your first web form to your website, submitted forms start arriving in your Inbox. You’re up and running within minutes.

Using Excel to create forms
The tabular Excel worksheet makes it very easy to design easy-to-use forms. The web page inherits the formatting in Excel and supports the use of graphical themes.

You can use any feature of Excel, including formulas and functions, to validate data entry, select intelligent default values or show customized images or Google maps.

Create mobile-friendly, responsive forms that automatically adapt to different screen widths, portrait/landscape orientation etc.
To make it easier to understand a large form, split into two or more sections and let users navigate between the sections using tabs, next/previous buttons or sliding panels.
Use graphical widgets like menus and calendars to make the form easier to use.
Hide rows or complete sections of a form until you know they are applicable. Only visible rows and sheets are visible in the e-mail you receive when the form is submitted. (Hidden sheets may be visible in e-mail clients that don’t support current HTML standards.)
Allow file attachments with submitted web forms.
Form fields can be made mandatory. Use hidden fields to discretely include supplemental information in the form.
With Real-time Sync, two or more persons can collaborate on a form in real-time.
Fetch live data from corporate databases when run on ASP.Net or Node.js servers.
Build forms-based web apps that can submit smart forms directly from iPhone or Android devices – even when the phone is offline.
Use live, interactive charts that invite users to point-and-click, and the charts automatically update when values are changed.

List of Flavor:
Html Flavor (Pro)
AspNet Flavor (Pro)
Java Flavor (Pro)
Smartphone Flavor (Pro)
Flash Flavor (Pro)
Support Flavor (Pro)
SpreadsheetServer Flavor (Pro)
Batch Flavor (Pro)
AdvancedSubmitService Flavor (Pro)
Wildcard Flavor (Pro)
Nodejs Flavor (Pro)

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