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DLL to C 3.74 Cracked

DLL to C 3.74 Cracked
DLL to C 3.74 Cracked

DLL to C is a tool which can convert any DLL files and some EXE files into compilable C/C++ code. When you lost the source code of a DLL, you can recover the source code with DLL to C. It can generate data structures for all data sections and disassemble the code section. It can also generate Function Relationship Tree, and then you can export the specified feature you want in the DLL easily. And it can convert assembly code to C code, and the C code is also compilable and reliable.

Key features
Convert DLL or EXE into compilable C/C++ code
Generate data structures for all data sections
Generate Module Definition File
Disassemble the code section
Disassemble with Structure Mode
Disassemble with Complete Mode
Disassemble with Complete Structure Mode
Disassemble with Comment Mode
Disassemble with Precise Mode
Decompile assembly code to C/C++ code with fast speed
Initialize Import Address Table with dynamic mode
Initialize Import Address Table with static mode
Initialize Import Address Table with direct addresses
Comes with tool Decompiled File Analyzer
Generate Function Relationship Tree
Export all functions
Export specified functions only
Export resources in DLL or EXE automatically
Create Debug Tools
Dynamic Log Function Invocations
Automatically identify all used function arguments and local variables
Export any features in DLL or EXE without any analysis
Automatically identify the static library functions of C
Convert assembly code to C code

Sample disassembled code:

Sample decompiled code:

You just need to click the "Start Convert" button, then you will get the compilable C/C++ code of the DLL.

Add the output files into your project.

DLL to C can even convert some very complicated EXE files.

Version 3.74 - May 9, 2020
New Features:
1. Decompile complex call instructions
2. Continue to decompile on uknown instructions

Only for V.I.P
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