Download Citrix ADC VPX for ESX 13.0 Build 52.24 + License

Citrix ADC VPX for ESX 13.0 Build 52.24

Citrix ADC VPX for ESX 13.0 Build 52.24
Citrix ADC VPX for ESX 13.0 Build 52.24

Citrix ADC is the most comprehensive application delivery and load balancing solution for monolithic and microservices-based applications. Which means you can deliver a better user experience, on any device—anywhere.

Any app, any infrastructure, any form factor
No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we’ve got you covered
A single code base across the Citrix ADC portfolio gives you greater agility and speed by providing operational consistency and holistic visibility across multi-cloud with a single pane of glass.

Streamline application delivery across any network or cloud
More than 84% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy in place1. But as multi-cloud becomes the standard for application deployment, your application components become distributed across many environments. This leads to fragmentation and other complex challenges for delivering your applications effectively.

To ensure operational and features consistency for all your applications across cloud and on-premises environments, you need an application delivery solution with a single code base. This empowers IT with holistic visibility for multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass, and gives you a consistent and strong security posture—all while providing a great application experience for end users.

Protect your applications and APIs everywhere
Achieve a consistent application security posture
62% of companies are not very confident about their application security, and 43% have already experienced application breaches1. Your apps and APIs are likely at risk, and increased mobility and the adoption of multi-cloud has only added to your attack surface. This demands holistic applications and API security for both monolithic and microservices-based applications. To achieve this strong security posture across all environments, you need an application delivery solution that shares a common code base. This lets you implement consistent security policies across all your applications for comprehensive protection.

Ensure consistency across multi-cloud
Securing your applications and APIs in a multi-cloud infrastructure is both crucial and complex. To prevent cyberattacks from taking advantage of your extended attack surface, you need to apply consistent security policies whenever you deploy any application. Because all Citrix ADC form factors share a single code base, IT can achieve a consistent security posture for all applications and APIs across multi-cloud environments. This reduces the complexity and vulnerability of your entire infrastructure, from monolithic to microservices-based apps.

Protect your entire infrastructure
With a staggering 92% of reported vulnerabilities coming from applications rather than networks2, it’s vital to protect your applications from unauthorized access through DDoS, bots, data theft, and application layer attacks. This is why Citrix ADC provides comprehensive and integrated Layer 3–7 security, including a web application firewall (WAF) to protect your applications. Identify and mitigate malicious bots with regularly updated bot signatures, behavior-based detection, and rate limits that prevent your public infrastructure from being overwhelmed. Citrix ADC also provides robust authentication and authorization features and acts as an API security gateway to prevent malicious access, so your entire application delivery infrastructure is protected.

Save time and money
As application security budgets increase among 50% of organizations2, it’s important to look for ways to achieve better security performance while maximizing resources and controlling costs. Secure your infrastructure while actually reducing costs with best-in-class price-per-performance for SSL. Citrix ADC lets you offload SSL to your ADC from your firewalls, IDS, and antivirus devices. By terminating SSL/TLS first and then using service chaining, you simplify your TLS/SSL termination by only doing it once instead of decrypting and encrypting all traffic individually.


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