Download Combit List & Label v26.001 Enterprise Edition

Combit List & Label v26.001 Enterprise Edition

Combit List & Label v26.001 Enterprise Edition
Combit List & Label v26.001 Enterprise Edition

List & Label is used by thousands of software developer teams of all sizes worldwide. Extend your application quickly and easily with powerful reporting functionalities and diverse evaluations! You can use the report designer (Win / Web ) for free with your application.

Powerful functionality for your application
The heart from the user's point of view: With the List & Label Designer, you can instantly bring powerful functions and WYSIWYG comfort into your application. This provides clear competitive advantages and gives users the flexibility they need.

Bring powerful features into your application.

Diverse designer objects
Easily add: spreadsheets, extensive master detail reports / subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects, custom objects, and many more designer objects.

With the Report Designer you can provide your reports with professional graphics: diagrams, measuring instruments, shapefiles, eg for geovisualisation and much more.

Data Binding
You can choose from more than twenty included data providers for multiple data sources, such as SQL, Oracle, XML, LINQ, NoSQL, CSV, or Business Objects / ORM.

report parameters
This allows you to restrict individual values ​​directly in the preview and thus display the required information.

Interactive drilldown
"Drill" through hierarchical data from summaries to detailed information. Drilling down allows you to easily search such multi-dimensional data.

Fold-out areas
This gives you a clear drill-down function to display data clearly structured. Simply "zoom in" to the details you need.

You can change the sort order by simply clicking on the appropriate column heading: you only need one report for multiple use cases.

Instead of using PowerPoint & Co., simply animate designer objects individually in the preview. It makes presentations more effective and keeps the reader's attention.

Your users design forms in Report Designer whose elements are largely retained after the PDF export. These can then be edited later in the PDF.

principle of operation
The choice is yours : choose DataBinding, or work without a database. You also decide whether to use List & Label in a desktop application or in a server / web server application. With just a few lines of code (or no .NET code at all), you can extend your application with a variety of reporting and output options. You also decide which data List & Label is available for designing or exporting.

Data Provider and DataSource Component
You do not need a single line of code when using the DataSource component. List & Label provides the direct connection to various database systems (eg SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB and ODBC). Additional data providers can be used to connect List & Label to your favorite database in the shortest possible time. Normally you only need three lines of code to open the designer with your SQL database data, just like any other data source in this collection:

Apache Cassandra
Business Objects
CData / RSSBus
Google Analytics
Google BigQuery
Google Sheets
Combined data sources
MS Access
MS Azure
MS Excel
MS SharePoint
MS SQL Server

Report Server
The Report Server saves you a lot of development time. It allows you platform-independent, server-based reporting and does not require your own development.
That's Cloud Reporting without hassle!

Ready for immediate use
Install and use the Report Server immediately: Connect almost any data source, conveniently design reports and send them eg automatically as a PDF. Tip: Drive Report Server with little effort from your application.
Without additional costs
The Report Server, which is exclusively contained in the Enterprise Edition, is distributed
free of charge to your customers as part of your List & Label application.
All popular browsers
You can bring server-based solutions - which support all leading browsers on every device - much faster to market.

Web Designer
The Web Designer works independently of the browser. The Remote Data Provider gives you direct automatic access to server-side data sources. How to integrate desktop publishing-like features into your web application. Look at all this directly in the online demo !

Ad hoc designer
The completely browser-based ad-hoc Designer you operate intuitively. It offers many options for creating reports. Most types of reports are created with a minimum of training. And if you want more functionality, just switch to the locally installed Windows-based Web Designer.

HTML5 viewer
The HTML5 Viewer displays reports in your browser. You can expand or collapse table columns, sort data according to your needs, apply filters via report parameters and drill down to the desired level of detail. In other words, the viewer offers you almost all functions of the regular preview.

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