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Thread Factory 4.0

Thread Factory 4.0
Thread Factory 4.0 | 3 Mb

Thread Factory for VB6 is a DLL component library for easily creating robust multithreaded Visual Basic 6 applications, components, and controls. Thread Factory empowers Visual Basic and VBA programmers with the ability to create ActiveX objects that run on separate threads. Thread Factory includes a comprehensive framework for invoking and canceling asynchronous calls. Thread Factory's most noted features are its stability, performance, and ease of use. Thread Factory creates true in-process multithreaded VB6 and VBA applications and components. Comprehensive online HTML help, tutorials, and 14 NEW Example programs are included. Features also include VBA multithreading (Excel and Access), MultiThread ADO Queries, Create Multi-Threaded VB6 forms, an AsyncControl OCX control, .NET compatibility and 14 new example programs.

HalfTime Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in New York. HalfTime Technologies is a leading developer and publisher of professional components for Windows development, and consulting services for application development and training. The elite team of HalfTime developers, trainers and consultants are what sets our products and services apart. The CEO is a Microsoft Certified Instructor who has been featured in numerous magazines; most notably the cover story on Information Week.

New Features
NEW AsyncControl OCX control
Create Multi-Threaded VBA Applications using Microsoft EXCEL and ACCESS
.NET compatibility
NEW OnCancel event
NEW Autoclose Logic
NEW AsyncCall method to simplify making Asynchronous calls
NEW HelperFunctions class
NEW GetThreadPriority and SetThreadPriority methods
Enhanced Online Documentation including a revised Programmer Notes section
Enhanced Win32 API definitions, see Win32 API calls
14 New Example programs including ADO, Multi-Threaded Forms + more

General Features:
Debug Safely using the VB6 IDE.
Asynchronous calling convention that parallels Com+ (Begin_ and End_)
Enhanced Error Handling for Asynchronous Calls.
Includes StopWatchProв„ў Multi-threaded OCX control (Now supports VBA)
New ElapsedTime class - High Precision Timing (1 millisecond accuracy)
Asynchronous Call Cancellation, see CancelObject
Create multi-threaded OCX controls (complete example program included)
Fully Configurable Thread Priorities
New ThreadHANDLE and ThreadID Properties
Easy access to useful COM wrapped Win32 API functions.


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