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FolderView 2.2
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FolderView lets you save or print file listings for any folder on your computer (including mapped network drives.) This is very useful when you need to send someone the contents of a directory. Simply attach the saved directory listing to an e-mail and send it the other person. File listings can be sorted by name, date, size, playtime, bitrate, etc. FolderView can extract information from several different audio, graphic, and video file formats (see Product Highlights below.) Listings can then be saved to a file or sent to the printer.

Product Highlights

- Completely customizable
You can sort folder contents by name, date, size, type, or any of the other several information columns. Even change the font to suit your needs

- Supported file formats
Save or print detailed information about a number of different file formats, including: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AVI, ASF, ASX, WMV, MPEG, QuickTime, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, Targa, PCX, Photoshop (PSD)

- Detailed information
View the following information on your files: name, size, type, date modified, date created, date accessed, file version, attributes, playtime, dimensions, title, artist, album title, year, track number, genre, bit rate, copyright, author, CRC32, SHA1, MD5

- Multiple save options
Save the directory contents as a plain text file, or as a comma-delimited file to be used with Microsoft Excel, or any other supported spreadsheet software


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