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Uconomix uMark Professional v4.0-BRD

Uconomix uMark Professional v4.0-BRD
Uconomix uMark Professional v4.0-BRD | 12 Mb

How can you prevent people from using your personal and professional images and photos? We have the answer - mark them. Mark the images with your name, your company name, a logo or a copyright notice. Let people know that you are the rightful owner of that particular image.

What can you do with uMark?

Add visible watermark to hundreds of images at one go
Batch convert and rename images
Generate thumbnails

What is watermarking?
Watermarking means protecting the image with a copyright notice or a logo that denotes the origin of the image/photo. Such watermark prevents people from using your images and photos without your consent. If they use it they must use it with the your mark. This is where uMark comes in handy. It allows you to watermark multiple images at one go.

Key features of uMark Professional
Support for BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF image types
Add text or a logo as a watermark
Add EXIF properties as watermark new
Add image name, folder name, creation or modification date as watermark new
Add multiple watermarks new
Batch processing - watermark hundreds of images at once
Customizable font formatting options for text
Add semi transparent watermarks
Place watermark at predefined or customized positions on the image
Rotate watermark to any degree
Tile the watermark horizontally/vertically or both
Resize output images, generate thumbnails
Convert output images
Open images into uMark directly from Windows Explorer
Drag and drop images to uMark from Windows Explorer new
Save watermark settings for later use
See the full size preview on actual images
Add special characters like В© and В® to watermark