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Startup Guard Pro v3.51

Startup Guard Pro v3.51
Startup Guard Pro v3.51 | 6 Mb

Startup Guard Pro - professional version of the easy-to-use startup manager program that allows you to add, enable, and disable selected applications, and allows the user to disable unwanted system processes to get maximum computer performance. If you mistakenly deleted important files, it allows you to cancel the action. The program interface is translated into many languages, including Russian.

Many users want to remove applications that automatically start when booting Windows, to free up memory and improve system performance. But not all users know that there are a lot of hidden programs on startup. Some of them are likely to be used only once a month and they are just wasting system resources! Startup Guard allows you to see all the programs that run at startup, and select only those that you really need.

How does it work?
Startup Guard maintains a database startup items you have selected to delete or keep. You should carefully review the record to run on your computer (5-10 pieces) and mark them as approved or not. If you are not sure if you need some file or not, Startup Guard will provide you with useful links. Then, Startup Guard will monitor the launch of the PC and apply the changes according to your preferences. It will also detect and alert you about new posts that may appear in the near future.

A typical user has 3-5 really important program that runs when you start Windows. This system drivers for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. However, many other programs, add your own links to the start, to always run in the background, such as: updating modules. These modules are not used very often, maybe even once a month, but significantly reduce system performance (always works in the computer's memory and check for updates.)

If you turn off some good, but unnecessary programs, you can get the maximum performance of the PC (turn off the automatic startup, but does not remove the program itself). Normally, if you disable the startup record some programs they continue to operate normally, without losing any opportunity. Of course, you can always undo any changes you made!

Removal of viruses and spyware
Viruses and spyware are also sometimes add their link at the start. You can catch them with Startup Guard, but this is only recommended for advanced users.

Made a mistake?
If you have deleted some important files from startup by mistake, you can always cancel. Startup Guard allows you to undo any removal for any period of time!



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