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3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 2018.0.13

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 2018.0.13
3DVista Virtual Tour Suite 2018.0.13

Create interactive 360º virtual tours in the most easy and pleasant way: 360º views (panoramas), 360º videos, embedded sounds, videos and photos, floorplans and fully customizable frames. Start telling actual stories with multifunctional hotspots and clickable objects that your audience discovers when walking through the tour. New 3D transition effect and unique features, such as Animated Panorama, Live Panorama (day-to-night effect), Adaptive HDR and 360º video with hotspots on top.

Powerful hotspots
Hotspots are the essence of a virtual tour. They allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details inside the scene. Choose from our big library of icons, import your own images or highlight objects in your panoramas to work as clickable hotspots. The actions you can assign to a hotspot are many: Open a pop-up detail image, a 3D model, open a purchase window, a multifaceted info window, a website, download a file or play audio, video (360º video and normal video).

Animated Panorama
Imagine you could click on a person inside a panorama to make them start moving and talking. That's what an animated panorama is. Less heavy than entire 360º videos but more alive than still panoramas, animated panoramas are the ultimate way of informing your audience. As opposed to popping up an info window, the element itself, be it a person or - say a production line, starts moving inside the panorama when being clicked, to explain or demonstrate from within. Or you could simply make a fireplace light up or have the pot on the oven start steaming to create an ambience.

Live Panoramas
Capture the true spirit of a place. A Live Panorama combines several panoramas of the same spot taken at different times to create a timelapse 360º interactive show. The result is breath-taking: While you're having a look around, you'll see the scenery change and evolve slowly.

3d transition effect
The 3D animated transitions between "stops" will give you a natural impression of movement which you may know from 3D models and scans. Rather than jumps from one spot to another, this technology will make you feel as if you're actually moving forwards towards the next position. All from pure photography.

360° Video including live hotspots
A 360º scenery, but in movement! Just as with panoramas, you can place hotspots in your 360º videos to explain or highlight things in the scene. Those things are in movement? No problem - 360º video hotspots can be dynamic so as to move, appear, disappear and change in size with the object.

Adaptive HDR Panorama
We make HDR dynamic. Inspired by the behaviour of the human eye, which adapts to light and dark dynamically by adjusting the iris, we make the panoramas adapt. This means that depending on the area of the panorama that the user is looking at, light and exposure adapt accordingly. A great feature, unique to 3DVista, to make HDR seem more real.

VR ready
3DVista Virtual Tours are VR compatible, which means they can be seen in "standard 360º" and in Virtual Reality. The simple push of a button will let your audience switch from one mode to the other.

Stereoscopic panoramas for VR supported
VT PRO is one of the only providers to support 360º in real 3D. Import your stereoscopic panoramas or renders and create a stereoscopic 3D 360º interactive virtual tour that beats everything else in realism. The difference from mono to stereo will blow your mind and allow you to create your very own real-world video game.

Password Protection
Control access and protect your clients' privacy by password protecting your tours. If you are using 3DVista Hosting service, you have the option to set a general password for a tour, which your audience needs to know in order to access the tour.

Photo albums
Use virtual tours in combination with your high quality still photography. Photo albums complement a virtual tour, much like a catalogue does. Your audience will always love to flick through the "pretty corners" of the house.

Intuitive interface
With the viewer prominently in the center of the screen, you will be working on the actual images. Drag and Drop elements, such as hotspots, onto the panorama and edit them using the control panel on the right hand side. Categorized menu tabs on the top indicate where each function is located and determine the individual controls shown in the control panel on the right. The preview function lets you instantly check your changes and the Undo-/Redo Buttons make experimenting a joy.

Brand & Embed
Brand your tours with your logo, corporate colors, headshot or contact information to maximise leads and advertising.

Optimized for all devices
Tours created with VT PRO are always and automatically compatible with all devices, PCs, Macs, tablets, iOS and Android phones - without the need to install any special drivers or software. But there's more. Thanks to the flexibility of our skin editor, you can create skins that adapt to the user's screen size and resolution. Furthermore, the tour will realize from which device it is being opened and use the optimized media quality and frame rate to guarantee a flawless and fast-loading experience.

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