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Xcelential Pro 1.2.51

Xcelential Pro 1.2.51
Xcelential Pro 1.2.51 | 13 Mb

Xcelential is dashboard software that posts the key contents of your current Excel spreadsheets on a dashboard. That’s right. Cells and charts from the many spreadsheets you create, receive, or work with today. They go right on to the dashboards– no modifications to the Excel spreadsheets necessary.

You continue to enjoy all the features and power of Excel to make the charts and tables for your dashboard. Xcelential automatically extracts your “indicators” (the information you consider most important) from the spreadsheets, you receive or work with, everyday. It presents these crucial pieces of information from multiple Excel spreadsheets (e.g., grand totals, charts, “top 5” lists, exceptions, statistics) in a dashboard you create for yourself.

Glance at the dashboard and you see what requires your attention. You may not even have to open the actual Excel spreadsheets, because the dashboard provides the information you need to make decisions.

While running, Xcelential periodically checks for the arrival of new versions of the spreadsheets in your shared folders, inbox, even web servers. When it finds one, it navigates to the parts of the Excel spreadsheet that contain your indicators. It copies just the indicators and updates the dashboard with them.



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