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Extensis Portfolio Server 11.2.0

Extensis Portfolio Server 11.2.0
Extensis Portfolio Server 11.2.0 | 421 Mb

Dramatically change your organizational efficiency with a simple, innovative solution for managing digital assets. Portfolio Serverв„ў 10 helps you finally centralize, categorize, and then visualize your extensive library for quick search and streamlined file sharing. Which means no more time wasted searching the network, browsing folders, consulting coworkers, and loading discs.

Find Files Fast
An asset is hardly an asset if you can’t locate it. Portfolio Server includes web-based and desktop client applications that make finding your files a snap. Find digital files quickly and efficiently by searching a single location that immediately provides visual results. Preview images and play video files without downloading or opening another application – no additional desktop software required.

Drag and Drop into Any Application
Drag and drop files from the Desktop Client into Mac® or Windows® applications or layouts, and quickly edit “live” files directly from the file server.

Organize and Collaborate
Organize files into galleries and folders, track important file details, and create custom fields suited to your workflow. Create and share Galleries and SmartGalleries (think Smart Playlist) for organization and collaboration. Use AutoSync to monitor folders on your fileserver and keep your catalog in sync with new files and changes.


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