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class for INI files UDBini.pas

uses  UDBini
var demo :  TDBini;
//ini file

test.forEach( procedure(id:string ) begin
    ListView1.items.AddItem.Text:= id +        test.get(id,'field1');;
 end );
 //for delete
//for add


//for save in file
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What is my IP address?

What is my IP address?
What is my IP address?

There are many situation when it would handy to know the IP address of a device where our app is running. Maybe you want to identify who is running your app? By IP address it is also possible to calculate the approximate location of a device. If you connect to Internet through a router, there are big chances that it implements "Network Address Translation" (NAT), to make it harder for remote machines to establish a direct connection to a machine within a local network.
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